11 String Artists in India

11 String Artists in India

What if you could convert your most cherished photo picture into a unique string art portrait? What if the beautiful custom-made home decor was only a click away? What if there was an easy way for you to find talented String and thread art artists to make them for you?

String art is one of the most aesthetically pleasing art forms. It turns a simple wooden board, paper or canvas into a work of art. Often known as pin-and-thread art, string artworks are unique and intricate and make even more amazing gifts. 

Stoned Santa brings you a network of incredibly talented string artists to take your pick from. Every artist with Stoned Santa is a master of their craft and can help you cherish your memories forever. 


Hanamade portrait artists india

What is String Art?

The concept of string art revolves around simple tools like a wooden board or a canvas, thread and nails. Mary Everest Boole introduced String art in the 19th Century as a way to teach kids more about maths and mathematical formulas. In the 1960s, thread art was introduced in books and DIY kits for kids.

It is crafted by wrapping thread around the nails in intricate and distinct patterns to form art. It can make string art portraits, mandalas, abstract string art and much more.

Stoned Santa has curated a list of 10 incredibly talented and exciting thread art and painting artists whose handmade crafts are sure to make you look twice. We hope you enjoy reading!


Muskan Rajput

Muskan Rajput, a string artist from Ghaziabad, is at the top of her game. She is a self-taught artist with more than 150 thousand followers on Instagram who runs her well-known “Crafts Bazaar” studio. 

She wants to bring the unique and understated form of thread and nail art to the forefront. For her, art is a medium to chase her dreams, spread smiles and leave her mark on the world. 

From shapes to letters and even portraits, there is nothing that Muskan can’t do or craft with a couple of nails and strings of thread. She has more than six years of experience and has worked in events like Comic Con India. 

She also organises workshop classes to educate people about the art form in her studio and at significant corporate events. She makes 3d string art, home decor, nameplates, string art portraits and fan art for her clients.



Couple's name string art made my string artist Muskan Rajput on a canvas.

Sushmita Vernekar

Sushmita Vernekar, an artist from Panaji, Goa, is a testament to what can be done with just an idea and an immense passion for creating art. She is a full-time mom whose journey began in 2017 when she quit her job to be a full-time stay-at-home mom for her beautiful baby. 

With her passion for creativity and experience in graphic art, making art came easily to her. She was fascinated by the idea of string and nail art and how threads would create colourful geometric patterns. In her interview with Stoned Santa, she told us that with a bit of practice, it was only a short time after which her first customers started lining up with orders for her to craft. 

Today, she offers a verified gradient of products like thread art on wood, canvas and paper. Her clients have only to tell her what they want, and she will translate their ideas into literal impeccable string artwork. 


Anjani Tank

Anjani Tank is a string artist based in Maharastra. Anjani weaves magic with strings to make awe-inspiring string art. She experiments with patterns and shapes to produce dazzling designs.

Although Anjani has been creative since childhood, it took her many years to listen to her creative soul and become an artist. She didn’t start calling herself an artist or sharing her art with the world until the last year of her graduation.

In her interview with Stoned Santa, she told us that her biggest inspiration to chase her dreams was her parents, who gave her the courage to explore her creativity and an unconventional career choice.

She makes wood string art portraits, home decor, illustrations, nameplates and much more.

Rahul Thakare

Rahul is an artist based out of Pune, Maharashtra. He is a string artist and an educator. He is known for making life-like and accurate String art portraits.

In 2019, Rahul Thakare set a national record in 3-D string art by creating the coronation ceremony of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He made the art using 42,810 nails, measuring 8ft x 4ft plywood frame and was completed in 5 months on July 17, 2019. 

Rahul makes incredible string portrait art and spends his time organising and conducting string art workshops for kids in schools so they might grow up and become better artists.


String art portrait of politician Krishna Reddy by String Artist Rahul Thakare.

Plank and Nails

Plank and nails is a string and thread art studio with over 7 thousand followers on Instagram. Not only do they make string art, but they make customised resin art too.

They use the threading technique on wood thread art and create the most amazing bespoke patterns and designs. They make wedding invitations, anniversary and birthday presents. 

They have also made string art logos for businesses and created some of the cutest thread and nail art caricature designs. Plank and nails are a fantastic example of creating new memories and cherishing old ones for their clients.



Plank and nails couple caricature string art for gifting

Seevaga Vazhuthi

Seevaga Vazhuthi is a record-breaking artist from Coimbatore. He is a self-taught artist who picked up the string art technique from an Italian artist he followed on Instagram. 

Seevaga’s name will go down in history for setting an International record for crafting the biggest string and nail art portrait of the actor and politician Kamal Hassan. It took him over thirteen thousand nails and 250 hours of labour over 28 days to create his record-breaking string and nail portrait artwork.

His dream is to create more intricate and unique pieces of string portrait artwork and educate future and budding artists. For him, art is about being meticulous, endurance and moving away from the conventional paths of life.



Lubhana Thakur

Lubhana Thakur is a string artist from Raipur. She has a unique style of creating string art portraits using black threads of different shades and crisscrossing them on a canvas. 

She makes monogrammed string art logos, invites and gifts for her clients. She is single-handedly changing the art scene in Raipur. She has won various women-centric awards for her contribution and success in string art.

She is a testament to women all over India who want to start a small business but are scared to do so. Her creations are sought after in her hometown of Raipur.



Logo string art made by string artist Lubhana Thakur on a round canvas.

Ekta Thakur Sharma

Ekta Thakur Sharma, a string artist from Mumbai, is a fantastic example of that “Girl Boss Spirit”. She has rapidly gained recognition and fame in string art for her top-notch skills and creations.

It was a random scrolling on Pinterest that got Ekta interested in thread art. Like many of us, she was hunting for a personalised gift on the web when she came across a string artwork and decided to put on her DIY creative hat and create one herself. This journey kicked off her brand, “The Knotty Threads”, which we all know today.

Her string artworks are unlike any other. They are unique and have a sense of calmness to them. They are best displayed on the walls of your home. She makes custom thread art on canvas for any occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and many more.

Her online store is a treasure trove of bespoke string art gift ideas.



Significant women string art portrait on canvas by Ekta Thakur Sharma of Knotty Strings

Pradnya Ghate and Tanvi Jadhav

Strings attached is a collective effort of two artists from Mumbai, Pradnya Ghate and Tanvi Jadhav. They discovered their love for string art while scrolling through Pinterest. 

You get everything from customised string and thread artwork to string art murals under one roof. They specialise in creating string wall art, abstract string art and mandala string art as well.

Their unique point of view and art has been displayed in various exhibitions in Mumbai. Not only do they make bespoke art, but they also create monogrammed logos and string art for different corporate clients.


Abstract string art by string artist- strings attached.

Sonal Malhotra

Sonal Malhrotra, string artist based in Delhi, India is the creator of Pieces for Beautiful places, is an exemplary thread and nail artist. She specialises in making bespoke string artwork for home decor. She also creates thread art portrait illustrations and caricatures. 

Her designs are cheerful, colourful and have the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. They make perfect gifts for wedding anniversaries, birthdays and housewarmings. 

She expresses herself through her art and through her art there is nothing she cannot create.



String artist Sonal Thakur standing next to string art of a musician made by her.

Sherine Aldrin

Sherine Aldrin is a nail and thread painting artist based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and the founder of The Thread Zone art studio. Her nail and thread art is sought after, and she receives orders from all over the country. Sherine defines her string art as fun and quirky.

She expresses herself through her creativity. Her thread art is simple yet bold and colourful and can bring a smile to anyone who receives it as a gift. She specialises in making thread art on wood nameplates, home decor, and thread art portraits.



A girl's string art caricature by Sherine Aldrin

Are you considering obtaining a custom String Art for a friend, colleague or your family?  

Are you considering obtaining a custom string art for a friend or your family?  

Look no further, Stoned Santa brings you a vast network of incredibly talented nail and thread artists in India. We are here to string together your memories and dreams so you can cherish them forever.

Stoned Santa  has been a quintessential part of the handmade personalised gift, art and decor industry for over five years. The artists with Stoned Santa have successfully created thousands of handmade String paintings on wood, canvas and paper for wedding gifts, corporate events, home decor, and much more and have delivered them on time all over the world.

Through Stoned Santa, you may discover various artists who are proficient and connoisseurs of different art forms who will meet your needs and budget and deliver your handmade string art and paintings within your time frame.

Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist for you according to your specifications!



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11 String Art gift ideas for Music lovers

11 String Art gift ideas for Music lovers

11 String Art gift ideas for Music lovers

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 

~ Bob Marley

String Art, simply put, involves the use of string, thread, wool as an art medium. The brilliance of the art shines through when a delicate balance is achieved between the simplicity of the design and the intricate elaborateness of the thread configurations that form the body of the art. Another delightful characteristic of the art is the smooth flowing texture that is achieved by the spools of thread against the rugged rustic feel of the wood on which it takes form.

“All things shall perish from under the sky, MUSIC alone shall live! MUSIC alone shall live! MUSIC alone shall live! Never to die”

1. Won’t you love it when someone sings for you? 

The earth has the music for those who listen, they say. Infact there’s a music inside everyone which they need to explore. Ask your loved ones to sing for you by gifting them this handmade music oriented string art. It makes-up an art inside another art. That is, music inside the string art !

True beauty of music is that it connects people


This colourful string art has been made with immense respect to Coldplay, one of the most popular bands in modern history. The string art can go straight up on your wall and will brighten up your living space instantly.It is made with great care and attention to detail that captures the authenticity of the Coldplay band.

This is a handmade Coldplay string art crafted by Sonal Malhotra. The artwork can be mounted/hung on a wall and brightens up your living space instantly. It is sure to delight a Coldplay fan. After all, music is what makes everyone dance to their rythm.

3. Music is in the air..!

Die hard fan of Bob Marley? Then this could be the best thing on earth which you could gift yourself. Get your favorite star’s string art done only at Stoned Santa.

My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.
-Bob Marley

4. Where THE BEATLES rock! 

Looking for a Special Handmade Gift for a Music Lover? Look no further!
This colorful string art has been made with immense respect to The Beatles
, one of the world’s most adored band.
It is made with great care and attention to detail that captures the authenticity of The Beatles band.

5. The Pink Floyd

Long you live and high you fly, smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry, and all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be. How adorable isn’t it? Decorate your workspace with Pink Floyd string art. This would definitely give a spark to your room.

Where words fail, music speaks.

6. Let the music take you to places you dream of..

Who doesn’t love music? It’s a magic that sets our souls free. It’s a source for motivation. This beautiful handmade string art would get you close to your dreams and give a soothing sensation. Decorate your work space with less ordinary stuff and keep up your energy by looking at this art. This string art could be hung on walls or kept on window sill to make you love your job more and fill enthusiasm in life.

“Dear music, thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirit”
– Lori Deschene

7. Let the music play!

In the rhythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune, but as long as we’ve got friends who play musical instruments, the music plays on. Looking forward to gift something that’s handmade for your music loving friend? Think no further ! Music is an art, so your artist friend would definitely love an art prepared by another artist. Surprise your loved ones with something beautiful this time. Presenting before you, a handmade string art that would fill colors to your walls and lives.

8. Be the music you wanna hear

Being ourselves makes us beautiful. Gift something yourself to love yourself more. Here’s a handmade personalized string art that would bring laurels to your life. Thinking of gifting something awesome your loved ones? Pick this one up! After all everyone loves something that’s handmade. 

Music could probably change the world and get peace, it’s because it changes people.

9. Musical instrument string art

It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself ! How about gifting another musical instrument in the form of a handmade string art to your guitar lover friend? This string art would let your beloved get connected to music even more. You could even get the personalized ones by giving the specifications such as color and type of instruments you want to gift.

“Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed.”
                                                                                                                                              – William Christopher Handy

10. Music is a piece of art that goes to ears and then directly into heart

Handmade things have got their own values. It’s because they are made out of love and passion. Why pick something from the heap that’s just kept to be sold? Make a change by designing something that your loved ones would have a craze for. Look nowhere but a handmade string art with an awesome message.

Music is a medicine of mind

11. Music is in the ear of the beholder

Music is something that could be used to connect people. Though you do not understand the words, its tone and melody definitely makes people understand the vibes that is flowing around.

The world’s most famous and popular language is music.

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11 String Art gift ideas for Couples

11 String Art gift ideas for Couples

11 String Art gift ideas for Couples

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
– George Sand
String Art, simply put, involves the use of string, thread, wool as an art medium. The brilliance of the art shines through when a delicate balance is achieved between the simplicity of the design and the intricate elaborateness of the thread configurations that form the body of the art. Another delightful characteristic of the art is the smooth flowing texture that is achieved by the spools of thread against the rugged rustic feel of the wood on which it takes form.

1. String art for weddings

Wedding is a celebration, wedding is a festival, and wedding brings people close. Get something amazing done for your loved ones who are about to get married. Get a personalized handmade gift that contains all the phrases you wanna mention to the couples and make their wedding day a great memory. Presenting before you – personalized string art done with lots of love at Stoned Santa!

“Love is not just something you feel, it’s something that you do.”

2. Love Overloaded

Jotting down memories about loved ones is a best thing that you could do! Get all the memories to us, and we would build your castle of memories. Our string art is no less than a castle of memories. It’s handmade and colorful. Look upon our string art to keep your memories colorful.

3. String art – Anniversary gift

Being in a relationship is a responsibility! Make your beloved know that you love him/her more as the time passes. Remind them all that you’ve done and made each other smile by gifting a specialized handmade customized string art this anniversary.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

4. String arts to gift couples

It’s a wonderful feeling when your friends with whom you’ve spent a lot of time are finally getting married. Of course they are gonna step into a new phase of life. Let them start a new beginning with a colorful everlasting handmade string art. Let their bonds be strongest just like how the string holds nails and nail holds wood on a string art. Let this art personify their relationship.

5. You are my sunshine!

Expressing love doesn’t make you weak, but it makes the bond more stronger. Let your loved ones know how much you love them. This monsoon, buy your beloved a valuable memory and let them know how much value they’ve got in your life. Get your own designs done with a string on a wood supported by nails. Handmade string art – made with love at Stoned Santa.

6. Heart of string

Gift your newly married friends an amazing home decor with their symbol of love. Get your string art done with any alphabets and colors only at Stoned Santa

7. Wedding gift – Couple string art

Tired of buys same boring gifts online to your friends and loved ones? Why not try this amazing handmade couple string art to gift your friends or family? It’s carefully designed according to your specifications with utmost love and care from Stoned Santa. Available with various sizes, shapes and colors.

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person.

8. String arts to capture your best moments

There are certain things that a camera cannot capture. They are captures by our eyes, felt at that moment and saved in our minds. Get out those beautiful memories to reality by getting a handmade string art done at Stoned Santa. Tell us how you want to get the memories displayed, and we’d get it done for you on wood with strings. Make your memories stay fresh always with our string art done with lots of love.

9. Home is where heart is..

Your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are. Make your home look more beautiful by keeping your token of love of your twin flame. Get a string art done for your partner by giving us your specifications. Handmade things always give a spark to your space, no matter how beautiful machine made things are.

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.
                                                                        -Matsuo Basho

10. Symbols of love – made out of string art

The best thing that you could give your loved one is time and affection. Give them your affection by getting a string art of love and celebrate the gifting moment by giving them your time. We prepare handmade string arts with reference to your specifications.

We always make time for what we feel is important in our lives.

11. “All of me loves all of you..” – a handmade string art filled with love

How beautiful are those couples who never stop expressing how much they love each other! Express your love to your loved ones by gifting them a string art which contains your message.

It’s not how much we give, it’s how much love we put into giving.
– Mother Theresa

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11 String Art gift ideas for Travellers

11 String Art gift ideas for Travellers

11 String Art gift ideas for Travellers

If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.” 

~ Anthony Bourdain

In life it’s not where you go, but who you travel with. Here’s a best thing to have in your space if you are a travel freak. It’s like a trophy that you’ve gifted to yourself. Buy your personalized hand made string art done soon! Get us your specifications and we get you the best out of your choices. String arts brighten up your space and handmade things often last longer.

1. World Travel – Pack your bags and off you go! 

Got a friend who loves travelling overseas? Get a plane designed on wood with strings with doodles around. Get us your specification details and our string artist would implement your ideas as a string art.

To travel is to live.
– Hans Christian Andersen

2. Some angels have wings, some have wheels ! 

They say that four wheels move the body, but 2 wheels move the soul. It’s true for bike lovers. Got any friend who loves travelling on a bike? This is a best thing that person would ever receive. Get us the details and we would make the best string art for your friend.

3. Let hope anchor your soul

Let the hope anchor your soul, but let there be no bounds for you to travel. String art signifies a feeling of hope. The string never gives upon the nail and the nail never gives upon the wood. Get your string art done with lots of love from Stoned Santa. We hope you’ve got hopes on handmade things. After all they last long.

4. Dream! Explore! and Discover!

Travelling is like flirting with life, it’s like saying I would stay and love you, but I have to go, this is my station! Have got a passion towards travelling? Keeping yourself motivated by getting a world map done with strings and nails. Get your handmade world done with a string art made at Stoned Santa. Always have a choice of presenting your travel friends with one. Sizes and colors could be varied according to your specification. Get your handmade string arts done soon only from Stoned Santa.

5. Dreamer – Who gets dreams to reality and flies without having bounds

Dreams have got no bounds they say. Travelers are the ones who are dreamers as well as doers. Gift your friends who love travelling and exploring with an amazing handmade string art. Let them realize that they’ve got no bounds for their passion and you encourage them with what you want them to perceive. 

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.
– Walt Disney

6. Windmill String art

A great man once said, “Sometimes in the wings of change we find our true directions.”
Here’s a truly motivating handmade string art which a traveler or a dreamer would love to have. A windmill signifies passion. It tells us to do what we love. It gets excited and generates power when there is air. It means, we must do what excites us to get the best out of us. Get a travel oriented windmill handmade string art made with lots of love from Stoned Santa.

7. Wanderlust

One day it so happened that we got an order from a girl who wanted to gift something for her boyfriend who was a wanderlust. He loved to travel and had a great passion towards meeting new people and making memories. Every time he returned from a trip, he’s throw her a small beer party! This is what the artist prepared for him. Of course the picture says it all !

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

                                                                                                                       – Andre Gide

8. Not all who wander are lost !

Travel! Travel and Travel ! Happiness overloaded in a single word. Travelers are the ones who find themselves in travelling and seem to be lost to the rest of the world. They are connected to nature, away from the virtual world and near to their own self.


9. Yacht – You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water !

The ship is always safe in a harbor! Is it where it is meant to be? No ways. It’s meant to sail across the seas, embracing the salts and witnessing the beautiful creatures underneath. Ocean is another world, that needs to be explored. 

I am a small stream flowing across a town,
I wish I could become a river, who joins the ocean..
The ocean which I never saw, the ocean which is wild,
I dream of having a companion, who crashes on the beach with rage,
My route is questing to join, the unseen ocean, the one that roars..
One fine day, beloved, the ocean would accept me as I am,
And I would lose myself in the blues of
The Unseen Ocean..
– a traveller

10. Adventure awaits ! – Life’s an adventure, not a package tool !

Road not taken is a road that has got the most excitements waited. Why go along the tide when you could actually swim in the direction you want to?

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by.”
-Robert Frost

11. “I left my heart in so many places”, says a traveller.

Fahad Al Abri, an Omani fitness coach, discovered the beauty of the handstand when he realised that it gave him a different perspective on everything around him. To him, the pose not only symbolises the physical and mental strength required to hold it but it also represents standing out of one’s comfort zone. Always one to push the boundaries, Fahad has taken on the mission of performing the iconic handstand pose in every city across the world as a way of bringing different cultures together through one common expression- that of viewing upside down.

Having covered an impressive 43 cities so far, one of his favorite views was when he did the handstand in Delhi.

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