5 Reasons why all of us should start drawing again

5 Reasons why all of us should start drawing again


As kids, all of used to love playing with crayons and paints. We used to draw on anything and everything, from papers to walls. But, as we grew up not everyone continued to draw. We got so occupied with our studies/work/personal life, that we forgot a part of us that still yearns to be child-like.

Here are 5 reasons why you should grab a pencil and start sketching now.

1. Expressing Hidden Emotions

Art helps us release our deeply hidden emotions. When one’s brain is consciously performing activities while the unconscious part is also expressed. This would help to release energy and would revitalize an individual. The same theory is used in art therapies to accelerate the healing process.

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2. Problem-Solving Skills

Painting helps individuals to think out of the box and realize that wonders can be created from a blank sheet of paper. It makes us realize that any problem can have multiple approaches and solutions. It helps us to think from various perspectives, creatively.

3. Enhanced creativity

Needless to say, art is a creative activity. Most of our 9-5 jobs give work only to our left side of the brain that is responsible for logic, science and math. Indulging in art or any creative processes activate the right side of the brain which deals with visuals and creative processes.

4. Stress Relief

Studies say that modern-day stress and anxiety can be reduced to a great extent through art. People, who get lost in art, transcend into a different world which is free from all the fears and worries. All the accumulated stress can be vented out through art.

5. Communication skills

Art helps us to express our inner feelings, and improve self awareness. People can surpass their limitations and get over their low-self esteem issues and fear. There are several cases where art has even helped autistic individuals to express themselves better.

These are just a few from the long list of benefits art has. What are you waiting for? Go create a piece of art, to bring out the artist in you and experience its therapeutic effects.

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