11 Talented String Artists in India 2024

11 Talented String Artists in India 2024

String Artists

What if you could convert your most cherished photo picture into a unique string art portrait? What if the beautiful custom-made home decor was only a click away? What if there was an easy way for you to find talented String and thread art artists to make them for you?String art is one of the most aesthetically pleasing art forms. It turns a simple wooden board, paper or canvas into a work of art. Often known as pin-and-thread art, string artworks are unique and intricate and make even more amazing gifts.

Stoned Santa brings you a network of incredibly talented string artists to take your pick from. Every artist with Stoned Santa is a master of their craft and can help you cherish your memories forever.

What is String Art?

The concept of string art revolves around simple tools like a wooden board or a canvas, thread and nails. Mary Everest Boole introduced String art in the 19th Century as a way to teach kids more about maths and mathematical formulas. In the 1960s, thread art was introduced in books and DIY kits for kids.

It is crafted by wrapping thread around the nails in intricate and distinct patterns to form art. It can make string art portraits, mandalas, abstract string art and much more.

11 Talented String Artists in India 2024

Stoned Santa has curated a list of 10 incredibly talented and exciting string artists in India. We hope you enjoy reading!

1. Muskan Rajput

Muskan Rajput, a string artist from Ghaziabad, is at the top of her game. She is a self-taught artist with more than 150 thousand followers on Instagram who runs her well-known “Crafts Bazaar” studio.

She wants to bring the unique and understated form of thread and nail art to the forefront. For her, art is a medium to chase her dreams, spread smiles and leave her mark on the world.

From shapes to letters and even portraits, there is nothing that Muskan can’t do or craft with a couple of nails and strings of thread. She has more than six years of experience and has worked in events like Comic Con India.

She also organises workshop classes to educate people about the art form in her studio and at significant corporate events. She makes 3d string art, home decor, nameplates, string art portraits and fan art for her clients.

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2. Sushmita Vernekar

Sushmita Vernekar, string artist in the process of making her string art

Sushmita Vernekar, an artist from Panaji, Goa, is a testament to what can be done with just an idea and an immense passion for creating art. She is a full-time mom whose journey began in 2017 when she quit her job to be a full-time stay-at-home mom for her beautiful baby.

With her passion for creativity and experience in graphic art, making art came easily to her. She was fascinated by the idea of string and nail art and how threads would create colourful geometric patterns. In her interview with Stoned Santa, she told us that with a bit of practice, it was only a short time after which her first customers started lining up with orders for her to craft.

Today, she offers a verified gradient of products like thread art on wood, canvas and paper. Her clients have only to tell her what they want, and she will translate their ideas into literal impeccable string artwork.

3. Anjani Tank

Anjani Tank is a string artist based in Maharastra. Anjani weaves magic with strings to make awe-inspiring string art. She experiments with patterns and shapes to produce dazzling designs.

Although Anjani has been creative since childhood, it took her many years to listen to her creative soul and become an artist. She didn’t start calling herself an artist or sharing her art with the world until the last year of her graduation.

In her interview with Stoned Santa, she told us that her biggest inspiration to chase her dreams was her parents, who gave her the courage to explore her creativity and an unconventional career choice. She makes wood string art portraits, home decor, illustrations, nameplates and much more.

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4. Rahul Thakare

String art portrait of politician Krishna Reddy by String Artist Rahul Thakare.

Rahul is an artist based out of Pune, Maharashtra. He is a string artist and an educator. He is known for making life-like and accurate String art portraits.

In 2019, Rahul Thakare set a national record in 3-D string art by creating the coronation ceremony of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He made the art using 42,810 nails, measuring 8ft x 4ft plywood frame and was completed in 5 months on July 17, 2019.

Rahul makes incredible string portrait art and spends his time organising and conducting string art workshops for kids in schools so they might grow up and become better artists.

5. Plank and Nails

Plank and nails is a string and thread art studio with over 7 thousand followers on Instagram. Not only do they make string art, but they make customised resin art too.

They use the threading technique on wood thread art and create the most amazing bespoke patterns and designs. They make wedding invitations, anniversary and birthday presents.

They have also made string art logos for businesses and created some of the cutest thread and nail art caricature designs. Plank and nails are a fantastic example of creating new memories and cherishing old ones for their clients.

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6. Seevaga Vazhuthi

Seevaga Vazhuthi is a record-breaking artist from Coimbatore. He is a self-taught artist who picked up the string art technique from an Italian artist he followed on Instagram. 

Seevaga’s name will go down in history for setting an International record for crafting the biggest string and nail art portrait of the actor and politician Kamal Hassan. It took him over thirteen thousand nails and 250 hours of labour over 28 days to create his record-breaking string and nail portrait artwork.

His dream is to create more intricate and unique pieces of string portrait artwork and educate future and budding artists. For him, art is about being meticulous, endurance and moving away from the conventional paths of life.

7. Lubhana Thakur

Logo string art made by string artist Lubhana Thakur on a round canvas.

Lubhana Thakur is a string artist from Raipur. She has a unique style of creating string art portraits using black threads of different shades and crisscrossing them on a canvas.

She makes monogrammed string art logos, invites and gifts for her clients. She is single-handedly changing the art scene in Raipur. She has won various women-centric awards for her contribution and success in string art.

She is a testament to women all over India who want to start a small business but are scared to do so. Her creations are sought after in her hometown of Raipur.

8. Ekta Thakur Sharma

Significant women string art portrait on canvas by Ekta Thakur Sharma of Knotty Strings

Ekta Thakur Sharma, a string artist from Mumbai, is a fantastic example of that “Girl Boss Spirit”. She has rapidly gained recognition and fame in string art for her top-notch skills and creations.

It was a random scrolling on Pinterest that got Ekta interested in thread art. Like many of us, she was hunting for a personalised gift on the web when she came across a string artwork and decided to put on her DIY creative hat and create one herself. This journey kicked off her brand, “The Knotty Threads”, which we all know today.

Her string artworks are unlike any other. They are unique and have a sense of calmness to them. They are best displayed on the walls of your home. She makes custom thread art on canvas for any occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and many more.

Her online store is a treasure trove of bespoke string art gift ideas.

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9. Pradnya Ghate and Tanvi Jadhav

Abstract string art by string artist- strings attached.

Strings attached is a collective effort of two artists from Mumbai, Pradnya Ghate and Tanvi Jadhav. They discovered their love for string art while scrolling through Pinterest.

You get everything from customised string and thread artwork to string art murals under one roof. They specialise in creating string wall art, abstract string art and mandala string art as well.

Their unique point of view and art has been displayed in various exhibitions in Mumbai. Not only do they make bespoke art, but they also create monogrammed logos and string art for different corporate clients.

10. Sonal Malhotra

String artist Sonal Thakur standing next to string art of a musician made by her.

Sonal Malhrotra, string artist based in Delhi, India is the creator of Pieces for Beautiful places, is an exemplary thread and nail artist. She specialises in making bespoke string artwork for home decor. She also creates thread art portrait illustrations and caricatures.

Her designs are cheerful, colourful and have the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. They make perfect gifts for wedding anniversaries, birthdays and housewarmings.

She expresses herself through her art and through her art there is nothing she cannot create.

11. Sherine Aldrin

A girl's string art caricature by Sherine Aldrin

Sherine Aldrin is a nail and thread painting artist based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and the founder of The Thread Zone art studio. Her nail and thread art is sought after, and she receives orders from all over the country. Sherine defines her string art as fun and quirky.

She expresses herself through her creativity. Her thread art is simple yet bold and colourful and can bring a smile to anyone who receives it as a gift. She specialises in making thread art on wood nameplates, home decor, and thread art portraits.

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Are You Considering Obtaining a Custom String Art for a Friend, Colleague or Your Family?  

Are you considering obtaining a custom string art for a friend or your family?

Look no further, Stoned Santa brings you a vast network of incredibly talented nail and thread artists in India. We are here to string together your memories and dreams so you can cherish them forever.

Stoned Santa  has been a quintessential part of the handmade personalised gift, art and decor industry for over five years. The artists with Stoned Santa have successfully created thousands of handmade String paintings on wood, canvas and paper for wedding gifts, corporate events, home decor, and much more and have delivered them on time all over the world.

Through Stoned Santa, you may discover various artists who are proficient and connoisseurs of different art forms who will meet your needs and budget and deliver your handmade string art and paintings within your time frame.

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Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist for you according to your specifications!

10 Handmade Portrait Artists in India 2024

10 Handmade Portrait Artists in India 2024

What if you could convert your favourite photo or memory into a handmade painting? What if there was an easy way for you to find an incredibly talented artist to make a handmade personalised painting for you? 

Handmade Portraits Artist

Since time immemorial, Royals, Nobels and the wealthy have been fascinated with the art of oil portraitures. From the 16th century, oil portraits were an embodiment of the magnificence of the monarchs and how their subjects would perceive them.

Stoned Santa brings you this age-old tradition with a modern twist.  We bring a network of incredibly talented portrait artists to take your pick from. Every artist with Stoned Santa is a master of their craft and can help you cherish your memories forever. 

What are Handmade Portraits?

Handmade portraits are a form of art that intends to represent a human figure. They are an artistic representation of people that can be created using any medium, from traditional oil paintings to acrylics and even mixed media. Handmade portrait art is an extension of the realism art movement in fine arts. 

Handmade portrait painting is a form of art that is perfect for the purpose of gift-giving or if you want commissioned portrait art for yourself or your family to display in your living room boldly.  

10 Handmade Portrait Artists in India

Stoned Santa has curated a list of 10 incredibly talented and exciting handmade portrait artists whose handmade portraits are sure to make you look twice. We hope you enjoy reading!

1. Sadashiv Sawant – The Educator

Sachin Tendulkar handmade portrait by Sadashiv SawantSawant

In his own words, Art is not about training only our hands but our eyes. A true realism virtuoso, Sadashiv Sawant has spent more than 30 years perfecting his art. Today, he believes in educating others and sharing his deep knowledge of the craft. He is the founder of the art academy known as “Pencil Perception Academy.”

His work spans from Handmade charcoal portraits to displays of still life through his art. His play on light, shadows, shades and contrast are the main elements of his artworks. His artworks though simple, leave no room for error. His experience and versatility can be seen in the simplest of his artwork. 


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2. Komal Thoria – The Student

Komal Thoria Indian artist drawing a charcoal portrait

Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Mr Sadashiv Sawant, Komal Thoria has created her own identity in the realm of Handmade portrait artists. She has worked and assisted Sadashiv Sawant in many projects and strives to be an educator like him. Like her mentor, Komal thoria’s portraits have a play of light and shadow. 

Her handmade charcoal and graphite portraits are masterpiece examples of hyperrealism. She is an artist who has evolved beautifully over the years; from charging just 250 rs for a portrait, today, she can charge 15,000 and upwards for a single piece of her art.

3. Koushik Mondal – Master of the Ballpoint

Ball point pen portrait by Koushik Mondal

Koushik Mondal is a brilliant and self-trained handmade portrait artist who steps away from the world of fine arts and creates accurate and realistic portraits in his style.  

His choice of medium is the ballpoint pen. For him, the tip of the pen is merely an extension of himself. Though his portraits are not photo-realistic, they will make you look twice. 

He uses different coloured pens to create beautiful intricacies, highlights and shadows in his art. He uses techniques like stippling and cross-hatching to create ballpoint pen hyper-realistic art. His unique style and ability to emote through just a few colours of the Ballpoint technique make him stand out.

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4. Ajay Rathod – Master of Photo Realism

Ajay Rathod Photo Realistic Oil Painting of a family

In his own words, Ajay Rathod, an artist from Hyderabad, is someone who creates memories into permanent paintings. His commissioned works of Handmade acrylic portraits and oil painting portraits are sought by people globally.

He is a master of photorealism who specialises in creating outstanding family portraits. His style though traditional is unique to him. Nobody does photo realism quite like him.

His Handmade portraits will make you look twice so much so that many of Stoned Santa clients have questioned if we are simply selling photos printed on a canvas or if his paintings are really handmade

His unique ability enables him to make a combined family portrait by simply referring to different pictures. His art is emotional and sentimental in its essence. He not only captures moments, but he creates them for his clients. 

5. Abhishek Samal – Hyper Realistic Art in Monochrome

Charcoal Portrait by Abhishek Samal

Abhishek Samal, an artist from Bhubhaneshwar, has the skill set of a seasoned artist. His forte is creating hyper-realistic Monochromatic portraits. He likes to create Handmade charcoal portraits and graphite portraits of celebrities, superheroes and movie characters. 

A closer look at his art will show us how dedicated he is to the finer details of his handmade sketch portraits. We can see every wrinkle and every emotion on the face of the person in his portraiture. Not only does he create Charcoal portraits from celebrities’ photos, but he also creates custom charcoal portraits on commissions.

His talent is in his versatility, apart from the incredible charcoal portraits, he has been working on storyboarding, and character design and has  done hundreds of digital artworks for several corporate clients, since 2019, when he joined our team at Stoned Santa.

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6. Sushmit Koshore – Micro and Intricate Artist

Sushmit Kishore, an artist from Delhi, is a portrait artist like no other. He has created a new niche for his unique style of Handmade portrait art. Sushmit is a miniature artist who creates tiny Handmade graphite portraits of real people.

Though his portraits are tiny, they are full of incredibly fine and minute details. 

Not only has he mastered the art of small things, but he has also created a utility to his unique sensibility. He turns his miniature graphite portrait into pendants and lockets to make them into memorabilia or a perfect gift.

7. P.S. Rathour- The Master of the Watercolour

Watercolour portrait of Alia Bhatt by P.S. Rathour

Master of Handmade watercolour portraits and also an educator. P.S. Rathour is an artist who can control the flow of his brush. His paintings are both contemporary and hyper-realistic. His use of watercolours to create art is impeccable. The colours mix into each other seamlessly and effortlessly. His Watercolour portrait paintings bring a sense of calm and serenity to the eyes of the bystander.

 His brushwork is soft, and his paintings are in layers. He creates commissioned handmade portraits, fan art and portraits of celebrities. There is a unique subtlety in his art that makes him different from everyone else. 

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8. Siddhant – Shades of Black and White

Siddhant, popularly known as Siddhant Artworks, has a following of 108 thousand followers on Instagram and 123 thousand subscribers on Youtube. He is also an official brand influencer for Brusto and has been working with Stoned Santa for a few years now.

He is a Charcoal and graphite portrait artist specialising in Photorealism and Hyperrealism. His portraits stand apart because of his flawless pencil execution of the human figure. His artwork shows that he understands and empathises with his portrait’s muse. He uses techniques like cross-hatching, smooth shading, and scribbling to bring out the softness of the human figure.

9. Shruti Kulkarni – The Queen of Portraits

Self portrait by Indian portrait artist Shruti Kulkarni.

A civil engineer turned artist from Pune, Shruti Kulkarni is a self-taught artist and a master of handmade oil painting portraits. Her oil paintings use vibrant colours to tell the story behind her portraits. Her custom oil paintings on canvas are a great example of realism. 

She started her journey as a freelance oil portrait artist in the year 2015 and has not looked back since then. For her, art is a form of expression and let out for her emotions. She has not only mastered the art of detailed oil painting portraits but has also mastered the art of self-portraits.

10. Sandesh Porlekar – The Artist for the Women

Handmade Charcoal portrait by Sabdesh Porlekar

Sandesh Porlekar is a self-taught artist who hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sandesh primarily uses pencils or charcoals to create hyper-realistic portraits. His portraits display the delicateness and femininity of a woman’s figures. He draws women in all their beauty and strength. He uses the technique of shading and smooth shading in his works and plays with highlights and shadows to soften or make the portrait stronger.

His unique style makes him stand out, as he can find beauty and softness in the most mundane objects. Women are the main focus of his art and his custom-made Charcoal portraits. One look at his portraits has the capability to answer the viral question, “what is a woman?”

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Are you Considering Obtaining a Custom Portrait for a Friend, Colleague or Your Family?  

Look no further, Stoned Santa brings to you a wide network of incredibly talented portrait artists in India. We are here to paint your memories and dreams so you can cherish them forever. 

Stoned Santa  has been a quintessential part of the handmade personalised gift, art and decor industry for over 5 years. The artists with Stoned Santa have successfully created over thousands of handmade portraits for weddings gifts, corporate events, home decor and much more and have delivered them on time all over the world.

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Through Stoned Santa You may discover various artists proficient and connoisseurs of various art forms who will meet your needs and budget and deliver your handmade portrait order within your time frame. Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist for you according to your specifications!


10 Digital Artists in India

10 Digital Artists in India

What is Digital art?

Today, the world is defined through technology, and Digital art is a part of it. Digital artwork can be defined as any artistic creation that incorporates technology and digital media as an integral part of its creative process. 

Anything produced using digital media and devices like animations, illustrations, video animations, portraits, caricatures, and many more can be classified as Digital artwork. 

People who create these magnificent pieces of art are known as Digital Artists. Everything goes in the spectrum of Digital Artworks and Digital paintings, from AI-generated art to digital photography, computer graphics and pixel art.

Typically, digitally created art can be used to create advertisements, Graphic designs, animations, videos, movies and much more.  But digital art is not limited to high-end commercial use; we can use digital illustrators and software to produce personalised art, digital portraits, caricatures, and e-invites to weddings and other events.

Stoned Santa brings you a network of incredibly talented digital artists to take your pick from. Every artist with Stoned Santa is a master of their craft and can help you cherish your memories forever. 


couple caricature frames

Neha Sharma- Digital artist, animator and story-teller 

Neha Sharma, famously known as Neha Doodles, is a freelance digital artist, animator and storyteller. She gave up her studies in CA to pursue her creative dreams. She boasts a following of over 3 Lakh followers on her Instagram page.

As a digital artist, she has been published on various digital platforms like Huffington Post, The Delhi Times, Times of India, Cosmopolitan etc. Her digital paintings are in the form of doodles, animations and intricate illustrations. 

She uses bold colours throughout her designs and has collaborated with brands like Dunkin Donuts, The Body Shop, Costa Coffee and many others. 

 Her speciality lies in the ability to illustrate real-life stories and characters in digital art, which makes her work stand out!

Neha Doodles making digital art

Akanksha Agnihotri- Illustrator, Animator and Digital artist

Akanksha Agnihotri is a Delhi-based freelance artist with a following of over 1 Lakh on Instagram. She has worked with companies like Google, Amazon, Times of India and many more.

 Her work has been published in various children’s books as well. Her Digital art is mainly in the form of cartoon illustrations and involves drawing cartoon portraits of real-life people and mythological deities as babies. She also creates motivational digital illustrations on topics like Monday motivation, friendship etc. 

She creates beautiful wedding cartoon caricatures of people to use as wedding gifts or wedding mementoes. Her art is a reminiscence of youth, happiness and motivation, making her Instagram page enticing and engaging.

akanksha agnihotri;s digital art

Chetan- Caricature artist, illustrator, and animator

Chetan is a Yogi and an outstanding digital artist specialising in caricatures and animations. His digital illustrations revolve around creating animations or caricatures of famous movie characters, both Hollywood and Bollywood. and anime characters. He also shows his Digital art skills by creating animated versions of Hindu mythological gods and scenes from Hindu Festivals. 

His artwork is perfect to put on personalised cards and invitations. His digital caricatures can be made into posters to hang on our walls or to gift someone a digitally made personalised piece of art they will love.

He has been working with Stoned Santa for the past 4 years and has created some fantastic digital personalised and fan art pieces

Shailly Gajjar- Illustrator, Comic Artist and digital invites

Shailly Gajjar, a digital artist who initially set out to become an engineer, decided to give it up and follow her dream path in graphic design. She was introduced to the field when she decided to design her wedding card, which has now become her full-time job. 

She has been able to form her own niche and style amongst all digital artists. Her artwork concentrates on Digital invites for weddings, family events and any other occasion. She also specialises in creating personalised portraits, which are guaranteed to put a massive smile on the person who receives her artwork.

Since her start, she has collaborated with various big-name brands like Snickers, Google India and many more.


shailly gajjar digital art illustration

Abhishek Samal- Digital Portraits

Abhishek Samal is a digital creator who is brilliant at creating not only Hyper-realistic Portraits and artwork but also breathtaking Digital art pieces and illustrations. He uses digital art software known as Procreate, to develop such enigmatic art pieces. 

His digital artwork mainly consists of portraits of famous movie stars, sportspeople, singers etc. He takes his inspiration from Hollywood and Bollywood and draws the character as he sees them.

His Digital portraits bring out the character’s inner emotions on their face. He has created his niche in the market by appealing to the various fandoms of movies, famous people and comics. 

He also creates personalised hyper-realistic portraits of real-life people on commissions. His artwork will leave your mouth wide open in amazement and surprise. His Instagram page and Youtube channel are a testament to his unique digital artwork.

abhishek Samal drawing a digital illustration of Lord Shiva

Priyanshi Dhawan- Personalised portraits & E-invites

Priyanshi Dhawan is a Lucknow-based artist who started her design studio, “Designs by Inaara,” with her elder sister Divi Dhawan. They decided to pursue their dreams of creating digital art during the Pandemic and saw a need for digital wedding invites. Since then, they have been growing rapidly in their niche.

They specialise in personalised wedding invitations and e-invites for all occasions, from birthdays to formal events. They also create personalised digital portraits with bespoke backgrounds and clothes. Clients can order their invitations as static, video, or animated invitations.

Their artwork celebrates their clients and helps them to cherish their memories. 

designs by inaara digital invitation illustration

Anirudha Lele- Illustrator and concept and caricature artist

Anirudha Lele is a freelance caricature digital artist based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. As a digital caricature artist, his artwork revolves around his clients’ requirements. He creates intricate pieces of exaggerated personalised caricatures, and he can also create an illustration or caricature that is simple and cartoonish.

He makes digital caricatures of Hindu mythological deities, famous movie characters and representations of various favourite shows etc. He is also a published Children’s books illustrator.

His Instagram page will leave you wanting more with his realistic, intricate pieces or artwork.

Aniruddha Lele digital illustration for children's books.

Niharika Singh- Illustrator, Digital Artist and Educator

Niharika Singh is a freelance digital artist who specialises in Personalised Digital portraits, Invitations and is also a Children’s books illustrator. Niharika Singh is not only an artist but also an educator. 

She comes up with intensive courses on how to make personalised digital art like her. In her workshops, she also teaches the use of various digital art software like Procreate and trains students in concept design and character development. 

Looking at her Instagram page, anyone can tell that nobody captures a moment like she does through her artwork. She creates pieces based on movies, shows and real people.

Niharika SIngh, DIgital artist and illustrator

Shweta Singh- Wedding Card Specialist and Educator

Shweta Singh is a freelance Digital artist specialising in Digital Wedding Invites and invitations for other occasions. Her artworks are incredibly intricate and full of minute details. Every piece she creates is unique and moulded to suit her client’s requirements. She is known for her realism and minute detailing in clothes and backgrounds.

She is also an educator and releases tutorial videos and workshop classes to teach people how to create digital art pieces. The scope of her artworks ranges from subtle to absolutely extravagant.


Shweta Singh's digital art illustrations

Ankita J Mehta- Digital illustrator

 Ankita is an exquisite freelance Digital artist, well known for her powerful works displaying femininity and women. Her art revolves around celebrating Indian culture and women. Beyond this, she also specialises in wedding illustrations and digital fan art. 

Her digitally created art stands out because her illustrations of women are as powerful as they are delicate and as enchanting as they are enigmatic. She can capture the essence of a strong Indian woman in all her digital illustrations and paintings.

Ankita Mehta sitting down to make her digital illustrations and art using her digital devices

Are you considering obtaining a custom Digital art for a friend, colleague or your family?  

Look no further; Stoned Santa brings you a vast network of incredibly talented Digital artists in India. We are here to string together your memories and dreams so you can cherish them forever. 

Stoned Santa has been a quintessential part of the handmade personalised gift, art and decor industry for over 5 years. The artists with Stoned Santa have successfully created over thousands of Digital Art paintings for wedding gifts, corporate events, home decor and much more and have delivered them on time all over the world.

Through Stoned Santa, You may discover various artists who are proficient and connoisseurs of different art forms who will meet your needs and budget and deliver your Digital portraits and paintings within your time frame.

 Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist for you according to your specifications!

Looking for the perfect gift?

Look no more, our gift experts will get in touch with you and help you with all your requirements.