Unique handcrafted art on wood using
colorful string to create the design of your choice. Looks brilliant on your wall.

Handcrafted with love

100% Handmade

Our team of artists work with their very own hands to create portraits for your loved ones.

Perfect for Gifts

Our uniquely handcrafted portrait of your loved one acts as amazing gifts. What else are you looking for?

Global Deliveries

We ship globally. So don’t you worry, we will take your art work anywhere you want!

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What our Customers Say

“It was my best friend’s wedding and I wanted to give him something really beautiful. Stoned Santa helped me find the perfect gift for him.”

Ruhan Madni Naqash

CMO, The Climber

“It was my parents 25th anniversary and I had received my first salary, I thought what’s better than a portrait. They loved it.”

Sushravya Prakash

Mother, Anniversary Gift

“I wanted to build a concept portrait for my husband, he is a travel freak and we got ourselves drawn. Me and my husband from our trip to Laddakh. “

Priya Rai

Husband, Wedding Anniversary

Stoned Santa

Personalize your gifts like never before. We provide handmade art and make sure we incorporate your tiny memories to create a unique gifting experience for you.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Look no more, our gift experts will get in touch with you and help you with all your requirements.