10 Amazing Calligraphy Artists In India 2024

10 Amazing Calligraphy Artists In India 2024

Calligraphy Artists

Calligraphy is the captivating art of creatively crafting letters and sentences that adds to its visual appeal. Derived from the Greek term “kallos”, meaning beautiful, the letters written through calligraphy are usually long and curved with focused highlights on stroke width. Calligraphy is often used for gifting in various creative ways, starting from nameplates to engravings.

10 Amazing Calligraphy Artists In India

This blog sheds light on India’s most inspiring calligraphy artists, who have forever changed the gifting game. Whether just taking inspiration from the timeless keepsakes or ordering a gift, we covered every nuance so you can conceptualize some great ideas around this challenging yet fulfilling gifting affair.

1. Diksha: Objects, Letters and Journals

A rising online artist with an uncanny ability to capture emotions in letters follows the path to spread awareness and positivity. Just_letters by Diksha is a comparatively new channel with only seven hundred and fifty-seven followers. However, her seasoned experience shines through her tantalizing works.

Artists often face a creative block while developing new ideas, but the Kolkata-based calligraphy artists are on a different wavelength. Creating intricately woven letters into badges, journals, digital arts, and many custom arts, her fans are always astounded by her new concept of calligraphy arts. Even though she is running a young Instagram channel, one can easily predict her inclusion in great art communities and a huge follower base in the future.

2. Shivanshi Upadhyay: Engraving Emotions and Concept Arts

The versatile calligraphy artist makes elaborate strides in English and vernacular languages with her polished ability through engravings and custom arts. From tantalizing engravings on glasses to creating watercolor cards and vernacular calligraphy, Shivanshi has quickly gathered the attention of more than two thousand and five hundred followers.

Calligraphy is just the tip of the iceberg for Shivanshi, as she likes to showcase her creativity by combining concept art and watercolor plays with her lettering talents. As an inspiring calligraphy artist in India, the phosphene doodler also sets standards in vernacular calligraphy, an effort made by only a handful of artists.

3. Palak Makkar: Expert Lettering Strokes

The prodigal calligraphy artist from Chandigarh has taken the lettering art community by storm with custom engravings on steel coins and portraits. Many of us fall in love with the acrylic art shown on youtube, yet such arts tend to miss the addition of elusive lettering. Palak, on the other hand, with her polished skills, loves to create concept paintings but also adds a subtle note of expression with her unique lettering skills.

Combining paintings and lettering, an incredible feat, might seem like an everyday chore for Palak, as the Chandigarh-based artist likes to play with engravings, letters on burnt paper, and more. Taking slow strides in improving her online game, Palak has a modest follower base of around one-thousand-three hundred, which is bound to see exponential growth due to her finesse in every stroke from start to end.

4. Nishita Khandelwal: The Minimalist Self-Taught Prodigy

On an eventful day, you stumble upon a minimally designed Instagram page with posts showing exquisite lettering talents with a touch of simplicity. Enough to hook your attention, you follow the self-taught calligraphy artist Nishita Khandelwal.

Nishita’s aptitude as a prodigy shines through her work in making custom calendars, cards, or just her strokes with letters. Around eight hundred followers can buy her timeless keepsakes online, but even glancing at her work is soothing enough to lighten up one’s day. Watching a self-taught and talented artist express her emotions and steadily grow is a boon for many avid art lovers online.

5. Aayushi Bhardwaj: The Puzzled Lettered Bookmark

Imagine the color of your favorite bookmark fleeting away like puzzle pieces while unveiling intricately written quotes or maybe even your name. Calligraphy art is a tiny facet of Ayuhsi’s vast skill set, as she loves to create concept art while combining acrylics, watercolors, and custom lettering wherever possible.

One of her most notable and original art ideas is the bookmarks posted on her Instagram page, himalayan_hues. Just like the soothing vibe of the cherished landmark, Ayushi’s artwork promotes a similar calming and soothing sensation to the buyers and viewers of her timeless masterpieces.

6. Shaz: The Shining Lettered Script

A meer look at the warm and fuzzy scripts with bright and vibrant colors can be the source of unmatched tenacity and motivation for anyone throughout the day. With the most appropriate name, thesunshinescript, managed by the Calligraphy artist Shaz, is taking giant strides to lighten everyone’s day, whether a customer or an observer.

The Chennai-based artist is known for using vibrant colors and inspiring texts while experimenting with cards, portraits, bookmarks, and calendars. One of her most prominent works comprises a fully-custom calendar that has taken the netizen’s attention. Her unparalleled ability to imbibe custom lettering in any object underlines her future as a promising headliner in the Indian calligraphy and art community.

7. Farheen Sheikh: Luxuriously Simple Calligraphy

Imagine a custom-lettered artwork encased in gold or silver chips throughout with a thoughtful message and some spray of artistic finesse is what Farheen Sheikh specializes in. In hindsight, lettering as an art can be mastered, but the fantastic collaboration of luxury and simplicity highlights the creative flair of the Mumbai-based artist.

Even though classy and luxury works are some notable works that might catch everyone’s attention, Farheen has more cards up her sleeve. Mixing custom stamps with beautifully crafted designs or making a simple and motivational card or eye-catchy handbags are designs that the prodigal artist revels in making.

8. Shruti: Calligraphy X Doodle X Frames

Witnessing a creative mess of pictures, personalized quotes, and memories in a rather thoughtful way is a delicacy savored by the customers of Shruti. The India-based calligraphy artist loves to run wild with her imagination while capturing them in frames for her delightful customers.

Being a master calligraphy artist, Shruti exhibits her talent through thoughtful quotes but adds more to her overall masterpieces with creative doodles of pictures in frames. Quickly amassing the attention and appreciation of more than seven-hundred art lovers, the future calligraphy influencer is inspiring both avid art lovers and aspiring calligraphy artists at the same time.

9. Poorvi Gupta: The Simple and Relaxing Lettered Vibe

A scenic exhibition of nature, flora, fauna, and similarly soothing lettering art is bound to take you through a bright and vibrant imaginative world delicately crafted by Poorvi. The young artist from Pune loves showing her appreciation for nature through her works, thus giving her art customers and viewers a relaxing vibe.

Besides custom lettering, Poorvi reveals her imagination through watercolor and acrylic art. Through custom lettering, she imbibes the emotions of her artwork and thoughtful gestures in a rather soothing way.

10. Hera: Upliftingly Simple Calligraphy Art

A daily dose of motivation and inspiration is imminent for the writers and almost twenty-thousand avid art observers who follow Hera, themerakigirl. Creating custom-quoted journals or the addition of other personalizations became mainstream after the prodigal artist introduced her initial copies of custom letter journals.

Having worked with brands like Cry India, Hera has also shown interest in grooming young minds through her workshops. While passing on her remarkable talents, Hera’s concept journals still make huge waves in the custom gifting community, thus making her artworks a revered choice.

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Interview with Sanjana Chatlani, founder of the Bombay Lettering Company

Interview with Sanjana Chatlani, founder of the Bombay Lettering Company

Bringing words to life with Sanjana Chatlani

Sanjana Chatlani is a calligrapher, lettering artist and an entrepreneur based in Mumbai. She brings words to life through her beautiful lettering strokes. Having discovered her passion for calligraphy and lettering, she quit her corporate job to start – ‘The Bombay Lettering Company’, which has now become a home-grown brand.  

With the strong belief that calligraphy adds a handmade and personal touch that is irreplaceable, she has succeeded to create a wide range of products, from personalised letters to corporate packaging.

Let’s read more to find out how Sanjana turned her passion into a profession

How do you define art?

Art, to me, is anything that lets me express myself. It’s about pouring all my emotions onto the paper.

How were you introduced to hand lettering and calligraphy? What made you pursue it?

I have always been fascinated by art since my childhood days, but never really pursued it. After college, I started working with LVMH, as luxury brand management was something that I wanted to do back then. 

Two years into my work, I began to experiment with different hand lettering scripts in order to write inspirational quotes in my free time. Instagram introduced me to a whole new world of lettering artists, I started exploring different styles and techniques.

Around the same time, my family had planned a vacation to California. I took this opportunity to reach out to a few lettering artists in San Francisco. To my surprise, they were very generous and agreed to share their knowledge with me.

After learning from them, I started to practice everyday for about 3-4 hours after work. Consistency and dedication helped me get my initial projects, mostly from my friends and family. Over time, I was approached by others for personalized projects. This is how I started off.

How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far? Could you tell us more about your company?

I called quits to my job in July 2018 to start this full time. The transition from an artist to an entrepreneur-cum-artist wasn’t an easy one. Initially it was very overwhelming as I had to play the role of an artist, marketeer and the delivery girl. Being an extrovert, it took time to become accustomed to working in isolation. It was challenging to strike the balance between creating art and managing business. 

However, I have a small team now and I am able to focus more on the creative side. We do a lot of things, from personalized letters, to working on projects for brands, corporates, wedding planners and individuals. Some of my clients include The Ritz Carlton, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Rolex replica, Moet Hennessy, Zoya – A Tata product and more.

Any project that you’d like to mention?

I had the opportunity to be the calligrapher for Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding and was also asked to be present at the wedding in Jodhpur. This was a very memorable experience for me.

There was another project that was very dear to me for which I had to create a box full of handmade letters for a child who had just turned a year old so that she could read them after she grows up. I believe that calligraphy helps to bring words to life, and this project did exactly that.

What can one expect from your workshops?

I teach the introduction to pointed pen calligraphy. I make sure that they learn the basics well as that creates the foundation to build on, and I also help them understand how to use the tools as it’s the first and most important thing.

Presently, due to the quarantine, I take up one-on-one online classes for those who wish to refresh their lettering skills or want me to critique their work.

What plans do you have for your business in the coming years?

We will continue to do personalized projects and workshops. I want to focus more on our website and come up with a product line that people could choose from.

I also want to focus on conducting art therapy sessions for kids with special needs as it has given wonderful results in the past.

Could you throw some light on how art can be therapeutic?

At times we get so involved in getting the stroke correctly that we forget to breathe. Practicing a breathing pattern with every upward and downward stroke that you do is very relaxing and meditative.

Over the past 3 years, calligraphy has induced calmness in me. Calligraphy can also help kids with special needs to relax their mind. So, calligraphy and lettering are definitely therapeutic.

Who are the artists that you admire?

I look up to many calligraphers and artists who inspire me immensely. My teacher and mentor Barbara Calzolari, an Italian Master Penman, is one of my biggest inspirations. I have been trained under her to learn Copperplate calligraphy and Spencerian. 

I am also training under Achyut Palav, an Indian master calligrapher since 40 years and the most renowned in the country. He is teaching me our script – Devanagari.

Apart from them, I’ve studied and learned under different master penmen and calligraphers who have definitely helped me expand my horizon in this field. Some being – Michael Sull, Jake Weidmann, Nina Tran, Paul Antonio, Michael Ward and Sachin Shah.


Advice for young artists?

I never got any professional education in the field of art. Calligraphy just happened to me. My journey from passion to profession was very organic. 

I would like to say that if you have a passion for a particular art form, you should put in all your efforts, and at the same time be realistic. There is a huge difference between pursuing art with passion and creating art under pressure from clients with deadlines. You should take it slow, weigh out options and quit jobs to pursue art only when you are sure of having financial stability through what you’re doing.

Lastly, never become complacent and keep learning! Always be a student. Look for a mentor, someone you look up to, someone you respect and would like to learn from. Invest in yourself and focus on constantly improving your skills. 

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