Weaving Magic with Strings – Interview with Anjani

Weaving Magic with Strings – Interview with Anjani

Interview with Anjani

Weaving Magic with Strings

Anjani, String artist

21st June,2019

Anjani Tank is a string-artist based in Maharastra. Anjani weaves magic with strings to make awe-inspiring string arts. She experiments with patterns and shapes to produce dazzling designs.

Although Anjani has been creative since childhood, it took her many years to listen to her creative soul, and become an artist. In fact, she didn’t start calling herself an artist, or sharing her art with the world, until the last year of her graduation

Read on more to find out Anjani’s artistic journey

Every artist has their own personal definition of art. What is yours?

According to me art is what you see/feel/know/wonder/imagine something and then turn that experience into an object. An artist does not perfect something, they move on to the new & different.

What was your childhood like? Do you believe the creative adult is the child who survived?

I was not great with my studies, and to be honest I wasn’t aware about my artistic abilities. But my parents always had my back and helped me to recognize and develop my talent. As we grow up, we start to limit ourselves to certain possibilities. Art helps us to become a child again and be more imaginative.

Can you guide us through the process of making string art?

-Raw materials should be kept handy, such as – Wooden Board, Stencil or Pattern, Nails and Hammer.

-The wooden board should be painted.

-Stencil should be placed or the design should be drawn.

-Nails should be hammered at a distance of 1cm approximately.

-Outline should be stringed, and then the artwork should be filled until complete.

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Every artist has that motivation from someone in their life to pursue their chosen path. Who gave you the courage to choose art as a career?

My motivation to pursue my dream is my PARENTS. They have given everything they can and never stopped me from doing whatever I love, never compared me to anyone around and they clearly saw something in me that no one else could see when I was a kid. They are the one to give the courage, confidence and strength to face the world by being myself.

When did you realize that art was your calling?

When I was about to graduate just a year before that I got to know that art was it.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years, as an artist?

I hardly plan my future, all I focus about is how to make my present better and learn from my past experiences as well. When I was a kid I never planned to become whatever I am today and here I am doing something creative and good.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I am a big time animal lover and I can’t stand anyone misbehaving with animals.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I would really love to become invisible or read minds it would be a real fun.

What advice would you give to those artists who are interested in pursuing a career in string art?
String art is not something you would love to do in your daily routine until unless you are passionate and really love doing it. It’s not that hard but you always have to come up with new interesting concepts to attract the customers. Lastly, I would mention that every time you create a string art, you will always be better than before.

How has being an artist affected your personal growth?

Being an artist has increased my confidence level, connected me to great artists and increased my eagerness to learn new things everyday.

To check out more artwork by Anjani, click here.

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Deciphering Doodles with Sumouli Dutta

Deciphering Doodles with Sumouli Dutta

Deciphering Doodles with Sumouli Dutta – Meet the mastermind behind “Woode Doodle Designs”

Sumouli Dutta, Illustrator

20th May,2019

Sumouli Dutta is a self-taught illustrator and a visual artist  based in Kolkata who throws light on the stereotypes prevalent in our society by creating hilarious doodles. What started off as a hobby on the last pages of her books, has now evolved into an amazing Instagram page by the name “WoodleDoodleDesigns”.

Read on more to find out about Sumouli’s creative journey.

Every artist has their own personal definition of art. What is yours?

I see art as an an escape from the daily chaos. It is my passion and I live for it. I don’t make masterpieces everyday, but a simple doodle on the paper makes my day. Art is simple , but we all make it complicated.

What was your childhood like? Who inspired you to take up art?

My childhood was pretty normal. Just like any other middle class parents, my parents were keen on me taking up an extra-curricular activity. I am glad that I enrolled for drawing classes. I enjoyed and continue to enjoy every bit of it.

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“I use art to vent out all the negativity.”

Your comic strips are on everyday life, stereotypes and much more. What inspires you to make these?

Honestly and unfortunately my life is the inspiration. The societal pressure to take up a certain course; get married or have children takes away your peace of mind. I make comics to fight these stereotypes.  I use art to vent out all the negativity.

Has your perspective of looking at things changes after starting to draw?

 I have been drawing since I was a kid. My perspective has been shaped over the years. I have become more outspoken and unapologetic. Art has also helped me to connect to few amazing artists who have helped me gain different perspective towards art and life. 

Which is your favourite comic series of all time?

Mom and daughter comic series are my favourite. Trust me, they all are based on true stories!

How do you think technology has changed the dynamics of art?

Most of my drawings are done digitally. The advanced software and applications have helped artists like us to take art to the next level. Nonetheless, the joy of sketching on a paper remains incomparable.

What are the projects you are working on currently?

I am currently making illustrations for two story books for children. I also plan on launching a Diwali gift box.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I would love to see what the future holds for me, because I have tremendous anxiety issues!


What advice would you give to those artists who are interested in pursuing a career in string art?

Please Start! Don’t think about the consequences. Hustle hard, and you will reach your goal one day. Hard work pays off.

When I started my social media page, I never knew it would turn out to be what it is today. All I know is that I was passionate and dedicated. Eventually, it all turned out fine.

Lastly, they say that art can reduce stress and promote relaxation. Do you agree with this? How has being an artist affected your personal growth?

I strongly believe that art can induce mindfulness. I work for an organization from 9 to 5, like any other commoner. Art gives me a break from the boring routine. I cannot sleep without sketching.

Being an artist is no different. I believe we all are capable of doing something or the other, and I am grateful that I can draw. But, being an artist has helped me see things differently. I transcend into a totally different world the moment I sit with a pen and a paper.

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The Harmony of Circles – Interview with Saudamini Madra

The Harmony of Circles – Interview with Saudamini Madra

Interview with Saudamini Madra

The Harmony of Circles

Saudamini Madra,Mandala Artist

10th June,2019

Mandala means “a magical circle”. It is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. Generally, it has one identifiable center point, from which an array of shapes and symbols are formed.

Sometimes words are not enough to express what we know deep within ourselves. As they say, “When words fail, art speaks.” Mandala art can help us express ourselves through art and increase self awareness.

Saudamini Madra is a Mandala and Zentangle artist based in the US.  She is an apparel product manager by the day and views art as an escape from the everyday chaos of a 9-5 job. Her awe-inspiring work has caught the eyes of viewers from all across the globe.


Since when do you practice art? Who or what inspired you to pursue it?

“Ever since I was a little girl, drawing books and I have been inseparable. My parents encouraged and helped me cultivate this hobby. I studied various art forms and mediums for 3 years (1999 – 2002) and have been practicing since then.”

What made you to develop a liking towards mandalas and zentangles? Do you practice art full time?

“About a year ago, I came across some hand drawn mandalas. The intricate designs drew my attention. My friend encouraged me to draw my first mandala, and I have been obsessed since then.

I am a full-time Product Manager and draw in my free time.”

“Mandalas help us pull together the scattered parts of life and find order.”

Can you guide us through the process of creating Mandalas?

“I start my mandalas with a basic grid. For the patterns, I just go with the flow and enjoy the process of creation. I love seeing how various patterns come together in perfect harmony to create a beautiful mandala.”

Do you connect with mandalas on a spiritual level?

“Yes,  absolutely! I view art as an escape from the ordinary. I always lose track of time when I start working on a piece. Mandalas help us pull together the scattered parts of life and find order.”

Mandala art therapy is practiced widely to deal with stress and anxiety. Has this proven helpful to you?

“I feel any form of art is therapeutic. It has proven to help people dealing with stress and anxiety. It definitely helps me relax, meditate and get lost in the process.”

Is there any particular reason why all your art work is in Black and white? Do you experiment with colours as well?

“I LOVE black and white, even in my clothing choices! I admire the beauty in simplicity. It’s amazing how 2 colours can make such beautiful art pieces. Having said that, I enjoy working with colours too, but I do it rarely.”

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Can you elaborate on the symbolism of mandala art, and the individual symbols used?

“The literal meaning of the word “Mandala” is circle, and circle mandalas are also one of the most commonly available forms of mandalas. Circles have very powerful significance in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Their emergence was first found in regions across the Himalaya and India, where people used the artistic expression of mandalas to form symbolic relationships between the universe and the spirit.”


What medium and tools do you use in mandala creation? What medium would you recommend for a beginning mandala artist? And is it sufficient for a beginner to learn from books and use his/her intuition?

“The tools I mostly use for my mandalas are pencil, protractor, compass ruler and a pen. A pen or pencil is a good medium for a beginner to start practicing. As they get comfortable and more confident with the flow, they can experiment with different mediums.

Everyone starts somewhere! There are so many books and coloring pages available that could be a great starting point for a beginner. Your intuition is the best voice to follow.”

What advice would you give for budding artists?

“Follow your intuition; there are patterns and inspirations all around us! Go with the flow, enjoy the process of creation and cherish the final result that comes together.

Always give credits to the original artist who’s work you have been inspired by.”

What are your thoughts about us (Stoned Santa)?

“Firstly, love the name!! Stoned Santa looks like a great initiative and platform for connecting artists and customers. Gifting is an art and Stoned Santa makes it easy for any customer. The best gifts are personalized, so it makes sense that a marketplace for custom artworks as gifts would do well!”


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The heart that beats for art – Interview with Nishka Mehta

The heart that beats for art – Interview with Nishka Mehta

The heart that beats for art – Interview with Nishka Mehta

Nishka Mehta, Artist and an entrepreneur

16th May, 2019

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist, and an artist helps us see the connections and bring more coherent meaning to the world. They say that an artist is a child who survived. One such artist is Nishka Mehta, who is spreading creativity one painting at a time.

Nishka Mehta is a young, talented and self-taught artist based in Bangalore, who’s the founder of ‘Artbeatpaintings’ and co-founder of ‘Paint Bar’. She started her artistic Endeavor by selling 25 paintings, right before her graduation. Today, Art Beat Paintings is known all across the city for it’s creative and versatile work.

She was inclined towards art right from her childhood and even took a couple of drawing lessons. Back in 11th grade, she aspired to become a fashion designer and learnt painting in order to create a catalogue to apply for colleges. But, fate had something else planned for her.

She was not placed in any company after completing BBM. So, she decided to create 25 paintings and sell them in an exhibition. That was the beginning of her artistic journey, and she says that there’s no looking back.

At 21, she launched her own online store that made customized gifts, such as fridge magnets, photo frames and more. Six years have passed, and ‘Art Beat Paintings’ has evolved to sell customized gifts, create wall installations and conduct workshops.

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.”

She is also the co-founder of “Paint Bar” which is an art workshop that believes “anybody can paint”. A calendar of events is put up online, and the participants can choose the painting they wish to create. The entire process is broken down into small fragments and taught by Nishka.

Being a self-taught artist herself, she believes that it gives freedom to explore and experiment various styles without being told what’s right and wrong. At the same time, she also feels that people won’t take you seriously in the initial sages without a degree in art.

“Nonetheless, your art speaks for yourself over time.”

Over the years, she has worked on several projects for some cool clients. Her favorite remains to be the wall murals she has done for OnePlus, Harley Davidson and The Male room.

She always looks forward to new and challenging projects that can bring out new talents in her, and wishes to make wall murals for cafes and restaurants in Bangalore.

On being asked about creative block, “There are times when I can’t get any fresh ideas.  Sleeping over the idea and starting it the next day with a different mindset helps me get over this”, she says.

Her mother has been her biggest support, and encouraged her to pursue art when she herself was skeptical about continuing it.

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Her advice to the artists is to create business for themselves, and not wait for orders to come magically. She also feels that art, no matter how big or small should be showcased.

Nishka’s thoughts on Stoned Santa

“It is a great idea! The more people get into the business of art, more artists get recognized. Not all artists are good with marketing and communication, Stoned Santa bridges that gap. Artists can concentrate on art, while Stoned Santa will take care of other things and make it easy for them.”

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Good vibes only – Meet Swarnima Telang who spreads positivity through art

Good vibes only – Meet Swarnima Telang who spreads positivity through art

Interview with Swarnima Telang

Good vibes only – Meet Swarnima, who spreads positivity through art

Swarnima Telang, Illustrator

20th May,2019

Swarnima Telang, a software engineer and an illustrator is spreading good vibes through delightful posts on her Instagram page“itsahappyworld”. She believes that “less is more”, and aims to put a smile on the faces of viewers.

Inspired by Ruskin Bond, her posts ask us to recognize that the real happiness isn’t something large and looming on the horizon, but something small, like having a cup of coffee with someone you love; baking the perfect cake; a warm sunset or a walk through nature.

Caught up with the busyness of our life, we often forget to appreciate the beauty in simplicity. Read on more to find Swarnima’s take on art, simplicity, life and more


Art can be perceived differently by everyone. What is Artto you?

For someone like me who’s not very good with words, my artwork reflects my thoughts. It is a way to transit myself to a different world, my place of imagination. Art helps me calm myself and gives me happiness.

How did Ruskin Bond inspire your art style?

I have always loved reading books and read my first Ruskin Bond’s story as a kid in my textbook. But at that time, it was just another English lesson. A few years back I picked up one of his books and started reading and I couldn’t stop.

The simplicity of his words and expressions; the flow and the way he describes the little things instantly made me feel good. His take on simple pleasures of life made me realize how we unnecessarily complicate things. I want to convey the same message to my audience through art.  

I believe that ‘Less is more’

You believe in finding beauty in simplicity. Could you tell us more about this?

I believe that ‘Less is more’, and the pleasure that lies in simple things and little gestures cannot be found in the fanciest of things. We live in a very competitive world where we are constantly comparing our lives on social media, which at times make us feel less about ourselves.

No matter where we go or what we do, there’s always someone better. So we must learn to be content and focus on what truly makes us happy. 

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How important do you think traveling is, for artists?

I am a wanderlust and believe that travelling is like a therapy. The vibes of a new place; talking to strangers; sitting in a roadside cafe help to look at things from a different perspective. It gives fresh ideas, and can certainly break the artists’ block.

Any current projects that you’d like to talk about? Do you have an ultimate dream project?

Currently, I am focusing on my website and my Instagram page ‘itsahappyworld’, to create happy content for my viewers.

My dream project is to design a cover or illustrate a Ruskin Bond’s book.

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If you could learn another art form, what would it be?

Dance! I love dancing as much as I love drawing. Being a hard-core fan of Madhuri, I’ve always wanted to learn Kathak. Trust me, in my head I’ve choreographed few amazing pieces.

Have you ever hit rock bottom? If yes, how did you get back on your feet?

Fortunately, I’ve never experienced it.

If you could go back in time and change one decision that you made, what would it be?

Absolutely Nothing. I am here today because of all the decisions that I’ve made, right or wrong. I firmly believe that whatever happens, happens for the good. So, I wouldn’t change a thing as I’m absolutely grateful for what I have.

Many people look up to your work. Do you plan on conducting workshops?

Yes, I do wish to have workshops in future. Whenever I get a chance I will.

Who has been your greatest support throughout your journey?

From the start, my family and friends have been my biggest support. They’ve encourages and appreciated every artwork of mine. My mom is the first one to comment and share my posts, even today.

This would’ve been impossible without my husband’s cooperation. When I’m busy completing orders, he’s the one who manages everything at home, and when I launched my merchandise, he solely managed the logistics and other requirements.

What advice would you give for budding artists?

Keep practising. Don’t rush into anything. Use multiple references and create the artwork in your own style. Most importantly, draw for yourself and you will always find people who will relate to them.

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