10 Caricature Artists In The United States

10 Caricature Artists In The United States

10 Inspiring Caricature Artists in The United States Revealed!

Caricatures have been cherished throughout history as a form of exaggerated and artistic expression, transcending the boundaries of traditional portraits. The beauty of this art form lies in its innate ability to capture the subject’s emotions with a light-hearted twist, often highlighting the artist’s humour. 

As an art that goes beyond the physical representation, caricatures are great gifts and reminders of individuality. However, finding talented caricature artists is becoming challenging for various reasons. Therefore, we have compiled a list of ten amazing caricature artists in the United States who can help you go wild with creatives while allowing you to share countless smiles.

Team Superhero Corporate Marvel Caricature

Nick Kienzle: The Live Caricature Artist

Live shows like magic, art creation, and portrait making are fun and jaw-dropping. Nick Kenzle, an inspiring caricature artist in the USA, has cranked it up a notch with his superior skills. The USA-based artist is famous for amusing subjects or individuals like you by creating caricature art capable of generating great reactions from the crowd. 

Even though Nick has just started his digital Instagram crusade with just over seven hundred and fifty followers, it is just a matter of time before he gains huge traction. Having served several clients worldwide, Nick is also a renowned name for customers looking for caricature artists in America.

Nick Kienzle - Live Caricature Artist in USA

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David Duque: The Quirky Caricature Portrait Maker

Whenever there’s a talk about realistic portraits with a touch of exaggeration, David Duque’s name is always mentioned. The master caricature artist from USA has created a new category by mixing realistic art, portraits and caricatures in the same apparatus. 

Such chemistry has created a great art form, allowing David to capture the attention of more than six thousand followers worldwide. Further, showing off his skills in the digital spectrum, anyone can connect with David to create a timeless caricature with sprinkles of watercolours and acrylics, a revered artwork for you or your close acquaintance. David’s skills in exaggerated caricatures and expertise in several verticals will allow you to go wild with creativity.

David Duque - Caricature Artist in USA

Paul Moyse: Redefining Realistic Caricatures

Caricatures are inherently an art type comprising exaggerated features of the subject. This makes it very difficult for a caricature artist to insert the element of realism within the frame. However, Paul has already achieved the immutable challenge with his realistic caricatures. 

Paul Moyse, a master caricature artist in USA, is headlining the caricature category for the United States with inspirations and courses. While working to inspire more than nine thousand followers, Paul also ensures that his courses further fuel the inspiration. A true gem and trendsetter in the art and caricature community in the States!

Paul Moyse, an amazing artist from Ameriaa

Thomas Fulharty: Age of Historic Caricatures

Thomas Fulharty has an uncanny knack for attracting the attention of art lovers, caricature enthusiasts and history lovers. As a versatile artist, Thomas has attracted the attention of more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. 

Thomas’s work depicts characters from the industrial age, from realistic painting sketches to concept art. Surely, the versatile caricature artist in the USA commands a very strong command of composition, precision, and shading techniques, which speaks volumes about his ability to capture emotions. 

Even though the caricature is a piece of the puzzle to his vast skill set, Thomas has left no stone unturned to ensure his skills as a caricature artist are widely appreciated.

Joe Biden caricature by Thomas Fulharty

Mike Giblin: The Comic Caricatures

Comics has been an inherent part of everyone’s childhood, regardless of generation. From highly appreciated series like Marvel to several revered manga series, comics imbibe a sense of nostalgia within us. However, the appreciation towards such masterful art decreases as we grow old. As a renowned caricature artist in America, Mike is emerging as a nostalgic trendsetter who has successfully revived the childhood essence through his masterful creations. 

Mike’s art is greatly inspired by comic styles and illustrations, which are masterfully combined with sprinkles of his caricature expertise. Being able to portray the characters’ emotions, Mike has made it impossible for ardent comic lovers to ignore his Instagram page. With almost thirty-six thousand followers, the USA-based artist never misses a chance to amaze his followers through his timeless comic caricatures.

Mike Giblin - Comic Style Caricature Artist in USA

Want a Comic-Themed Caricature?

Kiko Yamada: Awards and Caricatures

The prodigal award-winning caricature artist from the States frequently loves to capture the essence of comics through her exaggerated caricature art. Kiko Yamada, the fourteen times award winner caricature artist in the United States, is creating waves amongst the caricature community with a whopping follower base of four hundred and ninety-seven thousand followers!

Having been featured by several corporates and magazines, Kiko also loves to share her approach to creating tantalizing keepsakes all over the internet. The award-winning caricature artist from Hawaii features comical humour through her exaggerated watercolour caricatures. Her artwork now inspires several aspiring caricature artists in the United States and other parts of the world.

Kiko Yamada, an award winning artist.

Saemee: Shiny Caricatures in a box

The exquisite use of precision strokes and vibrant colours have attracted the attention of several art lovers worldwide, amassing almost twenty-four thousand followers. Saemee loves to showcase her caricature art with a pinch of realism, boxed in eye-catching portraits. 

Saemee’s art evokes an essence of transcendence, thus allowing viewers to venture into underlying concepts, perfected by her bold brush strokes. Furthermore, Saemee’s art also underlines one deep desire to explore the metaphysical realms. Such variations, coupled with frequent posts, encourage her viewers regularly to engage with her timeless works personally.

Saemee - Caricature in a Portrait

Mark Hammermeister: Caricatures and Concepts

Versatility is the birthright of the Detroit-based, who has left his mark in illustrations, portraits, concepts and caricature arts. Mark Hammermeister, hailing from the United States, is one of the most versatile artists in the State caricature community, boasting mastery in every vertical. 

Even though Mark has been a late adopter of the digital medium, he has still managed to attract traction on the famous social media platform, with around six thousand eyes eagerly waiting for his next work. Mark’s work comprises realistic caricature portraits and concept art, which highlights his uncanny ability to record the emotions of his subject in an interesting way. Inspired by the popular Netflix, the Wednesday Adams artwork underlines Mark’s ability to recreate amazing artwork in a new exaggerated light, uniquely portraying emotions.

Wednesday Caricature by Mark Hammermeister

Alberto Aries: Caricatures for a Cause

Caricatures are valuable keepsakes that record memories with a pinch of humor. Usually, such arts depict the owner or one of their loved ones in a quirky way. However, Alberto Aries took it forward with interesting subjects relevant to a huge audience. 

It is tough to have an eventful day after viewing this one-of-a-kind caricature artwork for this canine, staring intently at the owner with a letter. The usual norm of drawing human subjects and concepts is fairly common. However, Alberto is a master at portraying the emotions of our favourite canines in ways that words fail to express. There’s no doubt that Alberto’s subtle additions carry a deep meaning, which allows his viewers to interpret personal meanings. This further allowed the inspiring caricature artist in the United States to capture more than fourteen-thousand viewers’ news feeds, great social proof!

Pet Caricature  by Alberto Aries

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Having created a very convenient and fluid ordering process, the company believes choosing or ordering a gift should be hassle-free and enjoyable. If you are an individual who loves to share smiles through creative keepsakes, Stoned Santa is your go-to place!

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11 Paper Quilling Artists In India

11 Paper Quilling Artists In India

11 Paper Quilling Artists In India, Revealed!

What is paper quilling art?

Paper quilling artistry, or paper filigree, is a captivating creative expression that involves rolling, shaping, and manipulating thin paper strips to create intricate designs. The process dates back centuries and has evolved into a popular craft worldwide.

Artists use specialized tools, such as quilling pens and tweezers, to coil the paper strips into various shapes like coils, scrolls, and teardrops. These shapes are assembled to form elaborate patterns, images, and even three-dimensional sculptures.

Paper quill art allows for many aesthetic possibilities, from delicate floral motifs to intricate portraits and abstract compositions. It requires precision, patience, and a keen eye for detail, resulting in stunning works of art that showcase the beauty and versatility of paper as a medium.

Discover below our handpicked selection of 11 incredibly talented paper-quilling artists of India. Sit back and enjoy exploring their remarkable skills and unique artistic styles.


Paper Quilling Bespoke Girl Design

Siddhartha Saha: Crafting Love and Delicate Quill Paper Art

A talented paper-quilling artist known for his extraordinary 3D miniature artworks, Siddhartha Saha is a 33-year-old office worker from Tripura.

His passion for this craft took flight during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Siddhartha’s unique designs, similar to origami but different in execution, showcase his exceptional talent. He has secured a place in the India Book of Records. His remarkable 3D miniature puts him at the top of the quilling art competition.

Using his signature technique of rolling and shaping paper with a quilling stick, Siddhartha brings delicate flowers, trees, and intricate 2D and 3D designs to life. He aims to create 20,000 quilling hearts, spreading love and positivity through his art. Siddhartha displayed his artwork at the Lalit Kala Academy in May 2023.

While he has a limited social media presence, his talent is gaining recognition in the paper-quilling community.


Paper Quilling Portrait Art By Siddhartha

Want a Portrait-Themed Paper Quilling Art?

Priyanka Sagar: A Visionary in Mixed Media Art

Priyanka Sagar is a talented paper-quilling artist from Gujarat who has passionately created stunning artwork for the past three years. 

Through her presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Behance, Priyanka has successfully attracted clients and even received an opportunity to redesign a company’s logo using paper strips.

Inspired by the unique three-dimensional effect and vibrant colors in quilling, Priyanka explores various techniques using pre-cut and self-cut paper strips. 

Priyanka’s main focus is to create truly unique and captivating art. Her dedication to paper quill art was reinforced when her work was well-received at the India Art Festival, motivating her to devote all her time to perfecting her skills.



Mixed Paper Quilling Art by Priyanka

Archana Kumar: Pushing Boundaries in Contemporary Art

Archana Kumar, a PhD in Electronic Engineering, has found her passion in quilling. Her portfolio showcases a diverse range of work, including intriguing geometric designs as mesmerizing as her other creations.

Archana has a unique approach to her art, often creating three pieces that follow a particular color palette or theme.

Archana’s quilling journey began inspired by artists Yulia Brodskaya and Kathleen Usova. She elevates the art form by exploring innovative techniques and going beyond traditional paper rolls.

Using quilling as a source of solace from university demands, Archana showcases her creativity and attention to detail in projects like the “Lakhnau” and “Tribe” series.

As avid admirers of Archana’s work, we eagerly await her next masterpieces, anticipating her continuous exploration and boundary-pushing in quilling.

Quilling and Contemporary Art By Archana Kumar
Sabeena Karnik: Crafting Masterpieces with Paper Typography

Based in Mumbai, Sabeena is a talented illustrator, graphic designer, and ‘paper typographer’ known for her remarkable quilling artwork

She gained recognition for contributing to the “Independence Day Google Doodle”.

Beyond quilling, Sabeena collaborates with various industries and reputed brands, showcasing her creative skills in product design, advertising, and publishing. Her artistry has garnered global attention, allowing her to work on diverse projects worldwide. Sabeena sees the world of paper as a limitless realm of magic and possibilities, continuously exploring new techniques and pushing artistic boundaries.

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for her craft, she creates captivating and memorable artwork that showcases her artistic talent and boundless imagination.


Paper Typography By Sabeena Karnik

Swapna Khade: Embracing the Beauty of Abstract Expressions

Swapna Khade, a talented paper artist and illustrator from Pune, India, discovered her passion for paper quilling in 2010. Combining floral patterns with typography, her artwork showcases her background in biotechnology and her love for nature. 

Using tools like a Fiskars paper cutter, scissors, and white glue, Swapna turned her passion into a profession with ‘Mira’s Craft’. Collaborating with renowned paper brands like Canson and Clairefontaine, she achieved early success, selling 30 frames within eight months.

Swapna shares her artistic process on YouTube and showcases her vibrant creations on her website, Mira’s Craft, and Instagram..


Abstract Paper Quilling Art By Swapna Khade

Want an Abstract Paper Quilling Art?

Divya Kothiyal: Embracing Nature through Artistic Expression

Divya Kothiyal, a 21-year-old creative artist, is revolutionizing the world of gifting with her extraordinary quilling, paper art guitars, frames, and designs showcased on her Instagram page, ‘Dola Quilling‘.

Each frame is meticulously handcrafted and personalized to suit the specific purpose and occasion. Within a few weeks, her Instagram presence has created quite a buzz, attracting a flurry of orders. It comes as no surprise that her bookings fill up for the entire month in no time.

Such high demand means anyone interested in her art must make a reservation at least a month in advance. It’s undeniably impressive, isn’t it?


Quilling and Nature In One By Divya Kothiyal

Ritu Gera: Channeling Nature’s Beauty into Artistic Masterpieces

Ritu Gera, a homemaker passionate about art and craft, has made a remarkable impact in paper art. Her journey began when she stumbled upon quill paper art and discovered its endless possibilities. Over the years, Ritu has mastered various techniques, including paper cutting and 3D mosaic art, which have become her signature style. 

Ritu Gera, a homemaker passionate about art and craft, has made a remarkable impact in paper art. Her journey began when she stumbled upon quill paper art and discovered its endless possibilities. Over the years, Ritu has mastered various techniques, including paper cutting and 3D mosaic art, which have become her signature style.

‘Inspired by daily life and influenced by renowned artists like Jeff Nishinaka and Rishikesh Potdar, Ritu combines intricate paper-cutting and paper-quilling to create stunning portraits and mesmerizing mosaic artworks.

With each piece, Ritu challenges the notion that paper is a fragile medium, showcasing its durability and lasting beauty. While her paper quill art adorns her home and those of her loved ones, Ritu aspires to venture into paper sculpture and continue pushing the boundaries of her creativity.


Concept Quilling Art By Ritu Gera

Asha Anish: Reviving Ancient Artistry with Contemporary Flair

Asha Anish, a talented quilling artist from Kottayam, has made a remarkable impact on paper art. With a background in advertising, she discovered quilling as a hobby and eventually turned it into her career. 

Asha’s unique style involves creating intricate designs on various surfaces. She is known for creating lifelike portraits using quilling techniques and draws inspiration from the art form’s ancient Egyptian origins.

At Kovalam Art and Craft Village, Asha shares her knowledge of paper quilling art for beginners. Her contributions have sparked renewed interest in quilling, and her artwork is showcased in quilling art competitions and exhibitions. While not actively teaching on social media, her son shares their works on Instagram, offering a glimpse into their artistic journey.


Asha Anish Paper Quilling

Apoorva Deshpande: A Master of Personalized Artistry

An IT professional, Apoorva Deshpande has discovered her creative outlet through quilling. Inspired by the transformative power of a simple strip of paper, she began her quilling journey in 2015. While maintaining a busy schedule, Apoorva dedicates her free time to this artistic hobby, creating over 20 unique artworks, including pairs of earrings and customized greeting cards for her loved ones!

With a focus on personalization and craftsmanship, Apoorva finds joy in designing special gifts rather than buying them from stores. She relies on her own creative instincts and flair, avoiding online inspiration.

Quilling has become Apoorva’s way of destressing and infusing enthusiasm into her everyday life. Although she doesn’t actively seek exhibitions or collaborations, Apoorva can be contacted via email to connect and potentially share her quilling creations


Paper Quilling Flower Art By Apporva Deshpande

Kajal Singh: Harnessing Colors and 3D Magic in Paper Artistry

Kajal Singh Bhuriyan, a 22-year-old artist and interior designer, has made a mark in art with her unique style and devotion. Despite dropping out of college, Kajal’s knowledge of color from interior design has greatly influenced her artistic creations.

Being an artist since kindergarten, she developed her signature technique of crafting exquisite 3D flowers. Kajal draws inspiration from spirituality and Indian culture, as reflected in her artwork. Her talent has gained international recognition, with art orders from Canada, Dubai, and Germany. 

She was honored to judge an art festival at Delhi University’s SRCC college and has received certification from IIT Roorkee. Additionally, Kajal has collaborated with renowned brands such as Twillo and Artoholic. With a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Kajal continues to inspire art enthusiasts worldwide with her stunning creations.


Quilling Art By Kajal Singh

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Elizabeth Thomas: Inspiring with Soulful Quilling Creation

Elizabeth Thomas, a quilling artist from Malappuram, has gained recognition for her stunning paper art creations. Under the name Soul of Quilling, she shares her work on Instagram and teaches the craft to enthusiasts. Elizabeth’s journey into quilling began as a way to escape boredom, and she quickly developed a passion for it. Her designs include quilling paper art guitars, dream catchers, and peacocks to intricate portraits and decorative pieces.

With great attention to detail and a strong artistic vision, Elizabeth incorporates folding, cutting, and layering techniques to achieve a three-dimensional effect in her artwork. She aims to promote paper quilling as an eco-friendly gift and encourages creativity, particularly among children. Elizabeth inspires others through her online presence and workshops with her unique style and dedication to the art form. 

Soulful Quilling Creations By Elizabeth Thomas

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Everything You Need to Know About Handmade Portraits

Everything You Need to Know About Handmade Portraits

Everything You Need to Know About

Handmade Portraits

Gifting is a beautiful gesture to express your affection and care for your loved ones. You can choose expensive gifts off the shelf of reputable brands or go for something as simple as handmade portraits.

All that matters is the thought and love we put into giving. And what makes the gift unique and memorable is the thought behind it and the sentimental value it represents. However, finding a special gift in a sea of options may seem to be a daunting task. 

Handmade portraits are a doorway to the heart as they encapsulate the memories and feelings you share with your loved ones through art made from your favorite photos. 

This article has compiled a detailed guide on everything you need to know about Handmade Portraits.

Example of Handmade Portraits in Frame

Brief History of Portraits

Before the invention of cameras, people captured images through paintings, and drawings. Hand-drawn portraits in particular played a significant role in capturing the likeness, and preserving precious memories. 

Kings, and people of influence would hire artists, and painters to paint their loved ones, and decorate their houses and palaces with massive paintings.

Portraits have evolved over time from serving as important family records to being unique gifts for loved ones.

However, do you know how handmade portraits are made? Well, continue reading further!

Sachin Tendulkar handmade portrait by Sadashiv SawantSawant

How are Portraits Made At Stoned Santa?

In addition to handmade paintings, portraits can be made in other forms of media, such as digital media and prints. Moreover, these portraits can be made using different art mediums such as graphite and charcoals, oil portraits, water colors, pencil colors, string art, and mix-media. 

Although the techniques for each media and medium may differ, the core process of making portraits remains the same. Let us take you through a brief process of how our artists make portraits –

  • Gathering the Photo of the Subject

As the first step of making handmade portraits, we collect photos of the subject from our client. A front-facing picture of good quality is a must, as it allows our artists to analyse the facial features, and accordingly paint the features of the subject. 

A snippet of a front-facing good-quality photo shared by our client and a hyper-realistic painting by our artist!

Couple Handmade Portrait Example
  • Choosing the Medium and Surface

At Stoned Santa, we have a range of handmade portrait paintings, each curated using different art mediums. So as the next step, we require our clients to choose the medium and the surface they want their handmade portrait paintings to be. 

Choice of mediums

  1. Graphite and Charcoals
  2. Pencil Colors
  3. Oil Portraits  
  4. Portraits in String Art
  5. Mix Media Portraits 
    6. Digital Media – Caricatures, or Digital Portraits

Choice of surface

  1. Wood
  2. Canvas
  3. High-grade artist papers

One of the quirky handmade portraits

Looking For nice Handmade Portraits?

  • Defining the Background Elements

In this step, we require our clients to define and decide on any specific customized backdrop or elements that could enhance the portraits. For instance, some clients want the same background as shared in their reference photograph, while some prefer to have an abstract background left up to the artist’s creativity.

Or we can take the creative freedom, and let our artists decide. 

Here is a snippet of a handmade portrait painting with abstract background for our client

A snippet of one of the uplifting handmade portraits

  • The Painting Process

Once the photo, medium, and background elements are decided, our artist begins with the painting process.

Stage 1

The first step to making handmade portraits

Stage 2

The second step to making handmade portraits.

Stage 3

The last phase in the creation of timeless handmade portraits

  • Seeking Approval and Shipping the Artwork

In this last step, we seek approval for the finished artwork from the client, and once they give the nod, we ship the portrait painting.

Komal Thoria Indian artist drawing a charcoal portrait

Pricing of Handmade Portraits

In this section, we will talk about the pricing of handmade portraits, which typically is based on the combination of the following factors – 

  • Size of the canvas – We allow our clients to choose the surface they prefer the handmade portrait paintings to be on. These surfaces include canvas, artist-grade papers, or wood.

    Moreover, different sizes are available for each surface, which ultimately becomes crucial in deciding the price of handmade masterpieces. If the client needs A4-sized portraits, the cost would be comparatively lower than a 20 x 24-inch canvas.

Example of picture to handmade portraits

We can help you craft lovely Portraits.

  • Choice of medium 

The choice of the medium plays a crucial role in deciding the price of the handmade keepsakes. For instance, if a client opts for hyper-realistic portraits with mixed media, the cost would be higher because several mediums would bring photographic realism to the handmade painting. 

  • Number of figures in the painting

Handmade portraits may involve more than one subject, so the number of figurines becomes a critical determinant of the price of the final artwork. If there is more than one subject figure, it would require more time and effort on the artist’s part, the monetary value of which is accounted for in the final price.

  • Timeline for delivery- Delivery time is an essential determinant of the final price of the handmade portraits. Urgent requirements of portraits will cost higher than a standard delivery time.

One of our graphite and charcoal based handmade portraits.
  • Graphite and Charcoal Handmade Portraits Collection 

This black-and-white collection of handmade portraits is made with graphite and charcoal. These are dry art mediums that give a vintage touch to the paintings. Both graphite and charcoals look like pencils but provide a contrasting effect when used in conjunction, leaving behind a masterpiece.

  • Pencil Colour Handmade Portraits Collection

A rather colorful collection of handmade portraits, these are made using professional, highly pigmented pencil colors. The colors in the actual photograph can be enhanced to look more appealing in the painting with the help of this medium.

  • String Art Handmade Portraits Collection

Wondering what unique gift to give to your loved ones? Well, we have nailed it for you! Our string art handmade portrait collection is a perfect choice. These portraits are hammered using nails and strings to create an excellent piece of art just for you!

One of our string art handmade portraits
  • Hyper-Realistic Mixed Media Portrait Collection

Have a special memory you want to capture in a painting the same way it took place? Our range of hyper-realistic mixed-media portrait collections can replicate the memory for you, with much more love added to it!

  • Digital Portrait Collection 

These are the most trending range of portrait paintings used for various occasions such as wedding invites, anniversary gifts, birthday invites, etc. Digital portraits can be customized to suit the event and your needs. The portraits are then digitized and sent to the client for further use

One of our quirky concept handmade portraits

Different Themes of Handmade Portraits

Running out of ideas for handmade portraits, Stoned Santa is here to save your day! Our gifting experts have curated a list of trending themes to choose from to get your customized handmade portraits made in 

  • Wedding Couple Themed 

We have various options if you want a gift for your better half or the couples in your friends and family at their wedding. These handmade portraits are available in traditional and digitized forms and can be customized by adding fun elements in the background to encapsulate the journey of the couple –

One of the realistic wedding couple themed handmade portraits.
  • Music lovers theme

Music is an art to the ears, and what better gift to give a music-lover than handmade portrait paintings of their favorite music icons?

  • Marvel-themed

Superhero fans assemble, for we have a Marvel-themed collection to choose from. So convert your loved one’s photograph into their favorite Marvel character handmade portraits, and see the joy it brings them.

A marvel themed handmade portrait

Looking For the Concept Handmade Portraits?

Why Choose Stoned Santa? 

Crystallize a good memory with your loved one into beautiful handmade portraits full of love and memories. At Stoned Santa, we curate exclusive handmade portraits customized as per your need and budget to help you leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

 Our end-to-end customer support ensures that you are assisted by our gifting experts at every step, from ideation to theme selection to timely delivery of the masterpiece at your doorstep. Contact Stoned Santa today!

Looking for the perfect gift?

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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – An Insight into Personalized Caricatures

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – An Insight into Personalized Caricatures

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – An Insight into Personalized Caricatures

Corporate gifting is a great way to strengthen connections with employees, clients, and partners, and organisations have leveraged corporate gifting for a really long time. 

In this blog, we want to talk about Caricatures as a mode of gifting for corporates.

Corporate caricatures make for a great and unique gifting idea as they are appealing and appropriate for any corporate occasion. For instance, the office staff can adorn a caricature of a retiring employee with handwritten wishes and personal anecdotes. 

Our team of skilled caricature artists can help you add a personalized touch by converting your imaginative ideas into a memorable gift. Moreover, we provide digital renditions of corporate caricatures and the actual original art on demand.


Shark Tank India Collage of personalised cacicatures

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – Personalized Caricatures

Our experience in personalized gifting has enabled us to create a list of unique corporate caricatures


Corporate Gift Idea 1 – Boss Lady Appreciation

The multiple roles that a woman can play in society are tremendous. And to acknowledge the efforts of their boss, who plays each role with so much dedication, a group of juniors wanted to create a unique gift on her birthday. Therefore with the “multi-tasking woman theme” as recommended by our gifting experts, coupled with the creativity of our caricature artist, we came up with the following masterpiece!


Boss Lady Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 2 – Raavan, The King of Multitasking 

In the corporate realm, having a team leader who leads by example is a treasure worth cherishing. But how do you appreciate the leader’s efforts who motivate your team to perform better? A unique corporate gift is an ideal way to acknowledge such a leader.

Based on this context, one of the teams of a leading global company came to our gifting experts. They wanted to gift their multi-tasking team leader a farewell gift! Our gifting experts recommended having the team leader depicted as Raavan – managing ten different tasks in a way that shows ten different people are individually working on it simultaneously! 

And this is what our caricature artist came up with –


Raavan The King of Multitasking Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Surprise Caricatures for your team?

Corporate Gift Idea 3 – Forbes Edition “Best Performer Award” 

Our clients wanted to gift their best performer on his work anniversary. The idea was to portray the employee on the Forbes cover page as a caricature with a few quips. Our caricature artist – Chetan, created this masterpiece.



Forbes Edition - Best Performer Corporate Gift - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 4 – Team Superheroes Assemble!

Running a business is no less than a team of superheroes coming together to channel their skill sets and experience. They keep accomplishing unique projects while keeping their customers happy. And what better way to appreciate the efforts of such a team than by giving a personalized caricature gift

We got to work on one such exciting concept, where we had to represent the employees as superheroes and depict them in their elements. And the following is the snippet of a Marvel caricature theme –

Team Superhero Corporate Marvel Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 5 – Football Fanatics Caricature

We had the opportunity to create a personalized gift for Tom, the (ex) VP of BCG London. He was moving to another consulting firm, therefore the BCG team decided to gift him something really special.

A group caricature with the entire BCG team dressed in football jerseys standing at the centre of a stadium.

PS – It was our first ever international order for caricature. 


Football Corporate Caricature
Corporate Gift Idea 6 –  Favorite Character Caricature

Affine Analytics wanted to gift their top-performing employees something unique and customized. They asked their employees the names of their favorite superheroes or fictional characters. The company approached us to make customized caricatures based on the characters and photographs of the employees who shared them.


Favourite Character Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Looking For a Personalized Corporate Caricature?

Corporate Gift Idea 7 –  Dream Team Caricature Ft Royal Sena

Yet another fantastic opportunity from BCG India Office, we had to create a unique gift for the team that worked with Schneider Electric.

The gift was to appreciate the team’s efforts, and the theme was to represent the team as Indian mythological heroes who were a part of the royal sena. 

We used different clothing styles and placed each team member in a particular role. And this is what we came up with


Dream Team Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 8 – Recreating PayPal Mafia Caricature 

Remember PayPal Mafia? A group of original PayPal employees who had difficulty adjusting to eBay’s corporate culture left the company, only to start their own companies and venture firms in subsequent years. The term gained popularity as it was used as a headline for an article in Fortune Magazine with a featured photo of former PayPal employees in gangster attire. 

Well, this was the theme for our next creation. BharatPe, a leading digital payment service company, wanted us to curate a similar image to that of PayPal Mafia. And this is what we came up with


Reference Picture

Manchester United String Art
Paypal Mafia Concept Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 9 – Retirement Caricature Gift 

One of our clients wanted to gift his retiring colleague, who worked as a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF), a unique caricature. Since the theme was fighter planes and the occasion of WSS retirement, we came up with the following creation 


Retirement Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 10 – Women’s Day Caricature

We had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for Women’s Day. A team wanted to gift their lady boss a personalized caricature on Women’s Day. The idea was to showcase their boss’s multiple roles in everyday life. From being a trained classical dancer to managing the house to being a fantastic cook, and a globe trotter, each of these roles was depicted as a caricature


Women's Day Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Get your Caricatures with Stoned Santa

Why Choose Stoned Santa for a Corporate Caricature Gift?

Stoned Santa has several years of successfully serving thousands of clients with unique customized gifts. And personalized caricatures are our hot-selling gifting line, and for all the right reasons – 

  • You can go wild with your imaginations with a pinch of sarcasm, and our artists can add their creativity to incorporate them into the caricature.
  • Caricatures make a unique gift for any corporate occasion, be it retirement, awards, etc.
  • Caricatures have a comic effect, which can tickle the funny bones while being a memorable souvenir.
  • Caricatures are available in digital prints and original art pieces.

Our gifting experts are here to guide you through the originality of the corporate gift, through the work in progress, until the timely delivery! Get in touch with Stoned Santa gifting experts today.


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