10 Handmade Portrait Artists in India

10 Handmade Portrait Artists in India

What if you could convert your favourite photo or memory into a handmade painting? What if there was an easy way for you to find an incredibly talented artist to make a handmade personalised painting for you? 

Since time immemorial, Royals, Nobels and the wealthy have been fascinated with the art of oil portraitures. From the 16th century, oil portraits were an embodiment of the magnificence of the monarchs and how their subjects would perceive them.

Stoned Santa brings you this age-old tradition with a modern twist.  We bring a network of incredibly talented portrait artists to take your pick from. Every artist with Stoned Santa is a master of their craft and can help you cherish your memories forever. 

Hanamade portrait artists india

What are Handmade Portraits?

Handmade portraits are a form of art that intends to represent a human figure. They are an artistic representation of people that can be created using any medium, from traditional oil paintings to acrylics and even mixed media. Handmade portrait art is an extension of the realism art movement in fine arts. 

Handmade portrait painting is a form of art that is perfect for the purpose of gift-giving or if you want commissioned portrait art for yourself or your family to display in your living room boldly.  

Stoned Santa has curated a list of 10 incredibly talented and exciting handmade portrait artists whose handmade portraits are sure to make you look twice. We hope you enjoy reading!

Sadashiv Sawant- The educator

In his own words, Art is not about training only our hands but our eyes. A true realism virtuoso, Sadashiv Sawant has spent more than 30 years perfecting his art. Today, he believes in educating others and sharing his deep knowledge of the craft. He is the founder of the art academy known as “Pencil Perception Academy.”

His work spans from Handmade charcoal portraits to displays of still life through his art. His play on light, shadows, shades and contrast are the main elements of his artworks. His artworks though simple, leave no room for error. His experience and versatility can be seen in the simplest of his artwork.


Sachin Tendulkar handmade portrait by Sadashiv SawantSawant

Komal Thoria- The Student

Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Mr Sadashiv Sawant, Komal Thoria has created her own identity in the realm of Handmade portrait artists. She has worked and assisted Sadashiv Sawant in many projects and strives to be an educator like him. Like her mentor, Komal thoria’s portraits have a play of light and shadow. 

Her handmade charcoal and graphite portraits are masterpiece examples of hyperrealism. She is an artist who has evolved beautifully over the years; from charging just 250 rs for a portrait, today, she can charge 15,000 and upwards for a single piece of her art.

Koushik Mondal- Master of the Ballpoint

Koushik Mondal is a brilliant and self-trained handmade portrait artist who steps away from the world of fine arts and creates accurate and realistic portraits in his style.  

His choice of medium is the ballpoint pen. For him, the tip of the pen is merely an extension of himself. Though his portraits are not photo-realistic, they will make you look twice. 

He uses different coloured pens to create beautiful intricacies, highlights and shadows in his art. He uses techniques like stippling and cross-hatching to create ballpoint pen hyper-realistic art. His unique style and ability to emote through just a few colours of the Ballpoint technique make him stand out.

    Ajay Rathod- Master of Photo Realism

    In his own words, Ajay Rathod, an artist from Hyderabad, is someone who creates memories into permanent paintings. His commissioned works of Handmade acrylic portraits and oil painting portraits are sought by people globally.

    He is a master of photorealism who specialises in creating outstanding family portraits. His style though traditional is unique to him. Nobody does photo realism quite like him.

    His Handmade portraits will make you look twice so much so that many of Stoned Santa clients have questioned if we are simply selling photos printed on a canvas or if his paintings are really handmade

    His unique ability enables him to make a combined family portrait by simply referring to different pictures. His art is emotional and sentimental in its essence. He not only captures moments, but he creates them for his clients. 

    Ajay Rathod Photo Realistic Oil Painting of a family

    Abhishek Samal- Hyper-realistic Art in Monochrome

    Abhishek Samal, an artist from Bhubhaneshwar, has the skill set of a seasoned artist. His forte is creating hyper-realistic Monochromatic portraits. He likes to create Handmade charcoal portraits and graphite portraits of celebrities, superheroes and movie characters. 

    A closer look at his art will show us how dedicated he is to the finer details of his handmade sketch portraits. We can see every wrinkle and every emotion on the face of the person in his portraiture. Not only does he create Charcoal portraits from celebrities’ photos, but he also creates custom charcoal portraits on commissions.

    His talent is in his versatility, apart from the incredible charcoal portraits, he has been working on storyboarding, and character design and has  done hundreds of digital artworks for several corporate clients, since 2019, when he joined our team at Stoned Santa.

    Charcoal Portrait by Abhishek Samal

    Sushmit Koshore- Micro and Intricate Artist

    Sushmit Kishore, an artist from Delhi, is a portrait artist like no other. He has created a new niche for his unique style of Handmade portrait art. Sushmit is a miniature artist who creates tiny Handmade graphite portraits of real people.

    Though his portraits are tiny, they are full of incredibly fine and minute details. 

    Not only has he mastered the art of small things, but he has also created a utility to his unique sensibility. He turns his miniature graphite portrait into pendants and lockets to make them into memorabilia or a perfect gift.

    P.S. Rathour- The Master of the Watercolour

    Master of Handmade watercolour portraits and also an educator. P.S. Rathour is an artist who can control the flow of his brush. His paintings are both contemporary and hyper-realistic. His use of watercolours to create art is impeccable. The colours mix into each other seamlessly and effortlessly. His Watercolour portrait paintings bring a sense of calm and serenity to the eyes of the bystander.

     His brushwork is soft, and his paintings are in layers. He creates commissioned handmade portraits, fan art and portraits of celebrities. There is a unique subtlety in his art that makes him different from everyone else. 

    Watercolour portrait of Alia Bhatt by P.S. Rathour

    Siddhant- Shades of Black and White

    Siddhant, popularly known as Siddhant Artworks, has a following of 108 thousand followers on Instagram and 123 thousand subscribers on Youtube. He is also an official brand influencer for Brusto and has been working with Stoned Santa for a few years now.

    He is a Charcoal and graphite portrait artist specialising in Photorealism and Hyperrealism. His portraits stand apart because of his flawless pencil execution of the human figure. His artwork shows that he understands and empathises with his portrait’s muse. He uses techniques like cross-hatching, smooth shading, and scribbling to bring out the softness of the human figure.

    Shruti Kulkarni- The Queen of Portraits

    A civil engineer turned artist from Pune, Shruti Kulkarni is a self-taught artist and a master of handmade oil painting portraits. Her oil paintings use vibrant colours to tell the story behind her portraits. Her custom oil paintings on canvas are a great example of realism. 

    She started her journey as a freelance oil portrait artist in the year 2015 and has not looked back since then. For her, art is a form of expression and let out for her emotions. She has not only mastered the art of detailed oil painting portraits but has also mastered the art of self-portraits.

    Self portrait by Indian portrait artist Shruti Kulkarni.

    Sandesh Porlekar- The artist for the Women

    Sandesh Porlekar is a self-taught artist who hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sandesh primarily uses pencils or charcoals to create hyper-realistic portraits. His portraits display the delicateness and femininity of a woman’s figures. He draws women in all their beauty and strength. He uses the technique of shading and smooth shading in his works and plays with highlights and shadows to soften or make the portrait stronger.

    His unique style makes him stand out, as he can find beauty and softness in the most mundane objects. Women are the main focus of his art and his custom-made Charcoal portraits. One look at his portraits has the capability to answer the viral question, “what is a woman?”

    Handmade Charcoal portrait by Sabdesh Porlekar

    Are you considering obtaining a custom portrait for a friend, colleague or your family?  

     Look no further, Stoned Santa brings to you a wide network of incredibly talented portrait artists in India. We are here to paint your memories and dreams so you can cherish them forever. 

    Stoned Santa  has been a quintessential part of the handmade personalised gift, art and decor industry for over 5 years. The artists with Stoned Santa have successfully created over thousands of handmade portraits for weddings gifts, corporate events, home decor and much more and have delivered them on time all over the world.

    Through Stoned Santa You may discover various artists proficient and connoisseurs of various art forms who will meet your needs and budget and deliver your handmade portrait order within your time frame. Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist for you according to your specifications!

    Looking for the perfect gift?

    Look no more, our gift experts will get in touch with you and help you with all your requirements.


    Wedding Caricatures: The Complete Guide

    Wedding Caricatures: The Complete Guide

    A wedding is a joyous occasion that calls for the celebration of love and the union of families and friends. As the bride and/or groom, you would want to make your wedding saga extra special by adding a bit of personalized touch to all your preparations. And one of the very crucial steps in your preparation is the making of wedding invites. 

    Nowadays couples want quirky, creative, and customized digital wedding invitations which could make their celebrations even more special. And one such emerging digital wedding invite trend is personalized wedding caricatures of the couples on the cards. There are many creative ways in which wedding caricatures have been put to use by our customers such as backdrops, wedding invitations on Whatsapp, “Save the Date”, Welcome boards, Standees, etc

    So if you are planning to get your caricatures on the digital wedding invitation card, this article, is just for you! Our experience of serving thousands of clients has enabled us to compile this article, which serves as a comprehensive guide about everything you would want to know about wedding caricatures and digital wedding invitations

    A snippet of Wedding Caricature being used as “Save the Date”:

    Wedding Caricatures - Save the date

    What are Wedding Caricatures?

    Before we dive deeper into this article, let us first understand what are wedding caricatures:

    A caricature is an art form which includes comically distorted drawings of a person or a thing, with the intention of satirizing or mocking the subject. In simple words, a caricature is a painting of the subject with dramatized features to create a grotesque effect. For instance, painting a real person’s caricature includes exaggerating their striking features, such as an oversized head, tiny body, squinted eyes, etc. Similarly, wedding caricatures are personalized caricatures of the couples to add a bit of fun and humour to the digital wedding card. 

    If you wish to learn more about this art form, you can find everything you need to know about caricatures here!

    How are wedding caricatures made? 

    The process of making wedding caricatures is a two-way process. It requires inputs from the client and the creativity of the artist to blend these ideas and bring alive the emotions of our clients. Therefore, the outcome and the experiences of our artists, and the customer are different and unique every time. However, if we are to describe how wedding caricatures are made, we can encapsulate them in the following points – 

    Gather Photo of the Couple

    The very first step of creating a wedding caricature involves collecting the photo of the couple. Ideally, a front-facing picture, of good quality, allows the artist to identify the striking facial features, and draw them well. Once the facial features are approved by the client, the artist moves further to the rest of the parts to complete the caricature.

    Deciding the Attire 

    As the next step, we have a brief discussion with the client with regards to the attire, and ornaments they wish to be depicted in. For instance, if it is a South Indian wedding, the bride could be shown wearing the traditional pattu saree with temple jewellery, and the groom could be shown wearing a kurta with flowy dhoti, and so on.

    Identifying the Background Elements

    Further, the process of creating wedding caricatures involves deciding the background and the other elements. For instance, sometimes the clients want us to include an invitation text, venue, and other details, while some clients prefer a plain caricature with subtle backgrounds and elements that embodies their journey.

    Seeking Approval and Transferring the File 

    As the last step, when the caricature is completed by the artist, final approval is taken from the client. Once the client gives a nod, we email the HD file of the caricature to them for further use.

    Making of Digital Wedding caricatures (1)

    Types of Wedding Caricatures

    Depending upon your need and budget, wedding caricatures can be available in two forms – 

    • Traditional Wedding Caricatures 

    As the name suggests, this is how the caricature form of art originally began. In this method, artists use charcoal, pencil, pen, and ink to draw caricatures for you.

    • Digital Wedding Caricatures 

    With digitization taking over, and several graphic programs like adobe illustrator, digital wedding caricatures are becoming more and more popular. Digital wedding caricatures come with the advantage of offering richness in colour and quality and are an excellent option for a wedding gift for your friends or as a digital wedding caricature invitation.

    Pricing of Wedding Caricature

    If you are to place an order for a wedding caricature, you must know how these caricatures are priced. Hence in this section, we are going to provide a brief about the pricing of wedding caricatures, straight from the horse’s mouth, Rohit Chari from Red Canvas Studio, one of the most celebrated caricature artists in India.

    The pricing of the wedding caricatures typically is based on the combination of the following factors-

      • The number of characters – Typically wedding caricatures include two human figures, that being the couple. However, the pricing of the caricature so quote may vary depending on the characters your wish to include in the illustration.
      • Style of Caricature –  Another factor based on which pricing is dependent is the style of caricature, whether you want a realistic or flat caricature.
      • Background or Theme– If you wish to have a unique background to your wedding caricature such as an Eiffel tower, movie-based theme, etc, the pricing of the caricature will vary accordingly.

      • Timeline for Delivery – Delivery time is also a very important variant in determining the pricing of wedding caricatures. If the client wishes to have the artwork delivered in a rather shorter span say in 2 days or in 24 hours, the artist has to accordingly add the value of a tight deadline while deciding the cost, thereby increasing the cost of the wedding caricature. However, if the artist is allowed a wider timeline to deliver, say 3-4 weeks, the cost of the wedding caricature will be comparatively lower. 

    Digital Wedding Invitations 

    Digital wedding invitations have taken over the traditional invites because they can be customised as per your liking and taste. There are several digital wedding invitation card templates available on the internet, but couples nowadays want a bit of personalized touch in their wedding invites. 

    Hence the trend of adding couple’s caricatures on the wedding e invitation card is becoming increasingly popular these days. These wedding caricatures can depict your love story and can be customized to your liking and taste.


    Wedding Caricature Ideas and Examples 

    Do not know how to plan your digital wedding card? Well, we at Stoned Santa have got you a treasure trove of ideas to choose from. Most of these wedding caricatures have been custom-made for our past clients, and they continue to hold a special place in our lives and theirs.

    Movie-Themed Wedding Caricature

    For all you movie buffs we have got a unique way to design your digital wedding invitations, customised as per your favourite movies and characters. Here are some illustrations – 

    Concept – One of our clients wanted us to portray them as Bunny and Naina from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

    Concept – Our client wanted us to portray them as Bittoo and Shruti from Band Bajaa Baraat

    Bollywood Wedding Caricatures

    Super-Hero Themed Wedding Caricature

    Marvel and Avengers clan assemble, this one for you! Portray yourselves in your favourite superhero avatar, and make your digital wedding invitation even more special.

    Concept – One of our clients wanted us to portray her groom as Captain America.

    Concept – In another version we brought together the caricature of Superman, and Wonder woman in one frame. 

    Superhero caricatures for weddings

    Sports Themed Wedding Caricature

    Finding a partner who loves sports as much as you do, is a boon! Well, calls for no more fighting for that remote when there’s an important match! 

    and, What a match! 

    Concept – One of our clients wanted us to portray them with cricket bats in their hands, and dressed in their wedding attire, with a cricket stadium as the background. Cheers to their Lifetime Partnership!

    Cricket Couple Caricature

    Dog-Lovers Themed Wedding Caricature

    Are you pet parents, well, you can add a pawsome touch to your digital wedding invitation now!

    Concept – One of our clients wanted us to portray them in their element with their cute little pet for their Save the date invite

    Dog Football Wedding Invite (1)

    Beach-Themed Wedding Caricature

    All you beach bums out there, get yourself a beach-themed wedding invite customised as per your imagination. 

    Concept – One of our clients wanted us to portray them in their element with their favourite beach in the background

    beach themed caricature wedding

    Travel-Themed Wedding Caricature

    Finding a travel partner for life, well that’s a boon for all those who love travelling the world. Get yourself a travel-themed wedding invite

    Concept – One of our clients wanted us to portray them travelling the world together, with symbols of the places they have already visited so far


    Final Thoughts – Why should you consider Stoned Santa? 

    So, if you are looking to get customised wedding caricatures on your invitations, look no further. We at Stoned Santa, are here to paint magic, and spill colours to make your digital wedding invitation card most unique and memorable. 

    Our talented team of art experts are here to help you select the best theme, and our renowned caricature artists, to help turn those ideas into an exclusive piece of art, just for you. Contact Stoned Santa today to curate some fun wedding caricatures and digital wedding invites.

    Looking for the perfect gift?

    Look no more, our gift experts will get in touch with you and help you with all your requirements.


    10 Caricature Artists in India you should check out!

    10 Caricature Artists in India you should check out!

    What are Caricatures?

    A caricature is a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated to create a comic or grotesque effect. Some ways for dramatisation are an oversized nose, squinted eyes, really large or too small lips, etc.
    The artists behind the art- Caricature Artists.

    If you’re a comic artist, you may find yourself feeling very at home in the field of caricature art. The ability to focus on aspects of the subject matter that would be amusing to exaggerate or playfully exploit is the essence of caricature art.

    Theme parks typically have these specialised artists available for patrons; they are also employed by event planners, magazines and online publications. Laughing at oneself is a valuable resource; perceptive caricature artists show us how it can be done.

    In essence, a caricaturist is an illustrator or cartoonist – but with a twist. Before creating a drawing or sketch, a caricaturist will typically look at a person or object and determine which features are somewhat unusual. These features will usually be the focal point of the caricaturist’s work.

    We have curated a list of 10 talented caricature artists below for you. Hope you enjoy reading!


    Hippy Caricature Art

    Hemanth Kag – The young freelance cartoonist and Caricaturist

    Hemanth Kag is a freelance cartoonist and caricature artist based in Rajasthan.

    His job is to simplify and exaggerate visual forms. If we talk about his work then it’s not related to him in most of the drawings.

    He’s more of a draftsman experimenting with colours, forms, and textures and mostly influenced by contemporary artists on Insta. He likes to experiment, but almost all the caricatures displayed on his profile are commissioned works made for customers. He tries to get the likeness of a person in simple form.

    He tries to get better and contend with new portraits. His style of work makes it stand out everytime!


    Anirudh Lele – Illustrator and concept & caricature artist

    Anirudh Lele is a freelance caricature artist and children’s book illustrator based in Ahmedabad. He makes caricatures in various styles and techniques suitable as per client requirements.

    Sometimes it’s just bold black line arts or rough charcoal sketches. Other times it’s an intricate and realistic portrayal of the forms but in a slightly exaggerated manner. He avoids exaggerating the characteristics too much and tries to keep the base structures of the faces simple and cartoony.

    He has an enticing Instagram page as well which will catch your sight at first glance!


    Prasad Bhat – The mastermind behind Graphicurry

    Here’s what, Prasad Bhat makes it to DISNEY on their 90th birthday!

    The expert in vector art had his biggest project when Disney asked to draw Mickey in his unique minimal yet cute style to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday.

    The art and food fanatic, Prasad Bhat, who invented Graphiccurry in 2013 , premierly as a logo and designing company for corporates is now the mastermind behind over a hundred varieties of caricatures and merchandise of famous tv shows, movies , artists and varied entertainment stuff .

    An engineer, based in Bangalore, is globally appreciated for his artwork being authentic, witty and cool ,successfully attracting the infamous clients viz Amazon prime, Disney and Marvel. Emerging from the rock bottom Graphicurry is now a window to digital art and tools for the aspirers of the new age art.

    He’s a man of many talents and his recent video on youtube crossed 2 Million views!


    Kapil Gaikwad – The cinephile caricaturist

    A self-made illustrator, caricature artist, and cinema lover, Kapil Gaikwad hails from Mumbai.

    Being a cinema lover, most of his caricatures are based on bollywood, hollywood, movies and his own created comic series. He likes to draw only those faces which fascinates him the most.

    He also masters in illustrations, sketchbooks and live sketches etc. We can witness heavy use of outlines in his work. The amount of realism in terms of forms and rendering flows smoothly out of his work. He’s got a winsome Instagram art page where you can find a variety of cinema caricatures!

    Shailly Gajjar – The wedding invitations specialist

    An illustrator and comic creator, who initially desired to design her own wedding card , Shailly Gajjar is now a full time artist of a unique striking art style.

    An IT engineer hailing from a small city of Bhuj, Kutch in Gujarat ran towards her passion in drawing and doodling, and this run got her husband a degree in graphic designing , a job and a fulfilled life in India after a growth in her career from freelancing in Dubai.

    Her compassion and determination to follow her dreams is an inspiring tale for those who dream and illustrates how all the hard work ,confusion and frustration does eventually become worth it . Currently, she’s focusing on wedding invitations and other illustration projects.


    Sri Priyatham – Netflix’s official illustrator for “Stranger Things”

    Awe-inspiring quirky caricatures’ artist Sri Priyatham, based in Hyderabad ,likes to play around with realism and exaggeration to create his own unique style of art.

    A five year old boy who drew as a form of escape is a formally trained self taught artist. Caricature being a style of drawing a figure that is blown out of proportions but the man finds realistic textures fascinating and has got an eye for detail, which helps in bringing out the intricacies required for the detailing in his work.

    The only Indian caricature artist working with Netflix on stranger things does believe that self acceptance is crucial before getting any caricature enchanted by screenwriting and filmmaking , advising budding artists to remain consistent and stay committed , in his various workshop presentations.


    Rohit Chari – The artpreneur who runs Red Canvas Studios

    Rohit Chari, an illustrator, artist, and artpreneur who was born and raised in Goa, founded Red Canvas Studios in 2016. Ideas are brought to life in art in this studio on various canvases, including walls, frames, and memories.

    Rohit began experimenting with sketching throughout his early years in school. He would sketch and doodle, and soon he joined in a full-time fine arts study where he studied conventional art forms and methods in a structured environment.

    Today, Rohit specialises in completing unique painting commissions. He paints on walls, does gorgeous caricatures, and has his own line of items. In other words, he has found his love and built a life from it.



    Mangesh Khollam – The “tribute special” caricaturist

    Mangesh Khollam also known by his artist name Scooterbeard is a freelance caricature artist who hails from Pune. Scooterbeard , does live caricatures.

    His work is more of traditional pencil on paper rather than digital illustration. We can find character designs , photo studies and a few comics on his Instagram page which goes by his artist name,’’ Scooterbeard”.

    One of the best works on his page is the tribute caricatures which are portrayed very beautifully and the art work seems to turn into realism!


    Ashutosh Wale – The global influence veteran

    Ashutosh Wale is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and caricature artist who hails from Maharashtra. His caricature works include not only portraits but also full-length representations of characters. Unhesitating to draw them as he sees them, he is a keen advocate of pencil-work in his displays.

    Though seeming to stem from a considerable influence of politics, his work also includes global influencers from various other areas such as sport, film and the likes. He has got a very mesmeric and eye-catching art page on Instagram as well!


    Sudipan – The “pepe” specialist

    Sudipan is a freelance digital illustrator and visual designer who hails from Kolkata.
    Sudipan’s unique background in computer animation allows him to become an amazing digital illustrator and caricature artist.

    His skills and dedication to his craft are flawless. His abilities allow him to draw a variety of different people and creatures which can fit into something like a comic drawing if you desire. His latest “pepe” art designs on his instagram page are to look up for!



    You may discover a caricature artist at Stoned Santa who meets your needs and your budget, whether you’re considering obtaining a birthday caricature for a friend or family or a digital wedding caricature for your big day.

    No matter where in the world you need your caricature to be delivered, Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist to draw one for you according to your specifications!

    Looking for the perfect gift?

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    Komal Thoria Indian artist drawing a charcoal portrait

    Interview with Komal Thoria, Portrait Artist

    Komal Thoria is an illustrator, designer, and a freelance artist who has been a mentee to the highly respected Mr.Sadashiv Sawant, where she learnt the intricacies of applied arts, worked under him, assisted him with projects, to evolve as an artist, and be a guide to fellow artists, just like her mentor – Sadashiv Sawant. 

    Komal has come a long way in her career. From working in a call center, and commissioning a portrait for just Rs. 250 to now charging as much as Rs. 15,000 for a portrait. She has seen it all, and evolved as an artist, and a professional who now has big plans for her future. 

    In this interview we talk to Komal about her evolution as an artist, her dream projects and her message to fellow artists.


    What’s your earliest memory of sketching?

    The earliest memory that I have of sketching is when I was maybe 3 or 5 years old. My family realized that I had something in me when it came to sketching, I was naturally good at it. Since I was good at Maths my dad thought Science, or Commerce would be a suitable choice. After that, however, I failed in a couple of subjects. It was then that I realised that I wasn’t meant for this and so I took up Applied Arts and worked in a few production houses and different places. There I got the opportunity to learn and work under Sadashiv Sir.

    Did you have any formal training in your formative years or was it just you figuring stuff out on your own?

    It was my Mom who put me into tuition. There I got informal training for a couple of years. But mainly I used to recreate art using Youtube videos, and I have been a self-motivated learner since my childhood. My family left me on my own, they were not much concerned as long as I was doing something or the other. 


    How did you transition to getting trained in a more formal setup?

    I never felt like going to a fancy institute to learn Applied Arts, I wanted to be a part of an upcoming institute and actively contribute towards its growth. Hence I went to Asmita Applied art Academy, which was founded by Ashish sir. I’ve  learned a lot there but most of all I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It was there that I met Sadashiv Sir in a 3 day art workshop. 

    Who has been your role model in this journey?

    I’m still in the process of exploring myself and I want to make my own path. I guess that’s why my role Models keep changing. I Look up to Ashish sir and Sadashiv sir. Sadashiv Sir is like a father figure to me. I Love Sadashiv Sir’s observation skills, and that’s something which I want to learn, and incorporate more in my life. 

    Over the years, you have made so many artworks, which one do you regard as your Masterpiece?

    I’ve never really thought about it that way. I don’t know if I have a Masterpiece. Sadashiv Sir likes my Still Life artworks. I guess the Mountain sketch would be my best work. I have created a series on nurturance. I have done it a while back but haven’t posted it anywhere yet. I really like drawing hands for some reason. Like me and my grandmother’s, then me and my mother’s and then my father’s. I want to go deeper into this form of art, and I wonder how it’ll turn out.
    How do you decide the price for your artworks?

    So, the first portrait that I sold was for Rs.250. My first few clients weren’t particularly happy with my work. I took the criticism in a constructive way and identified my shortcomings. I wanted to improve, so I didn’t take any new orders for the next 6 months and I utilized this period to work on my shortcomings. After this, it got better, and I got a few foreign clients as well.

    So, now I charge around 5-7k for an A4 sized portrait and around 10-15k for A3 portraits.
    I know that if I take up a project, I will give my best. My clients also respect this and most clients don’t argue. I like such clients who respect the artist’s time, and their work.

    Have you ever had to deal with clients who restrict your creativity?

    There will always be a few clients who hamper your creativity but it’s not really their fault, they don’t perceive art the same way us artists do. Therefore, I always educate them about the process of creating art, and how I would be going about with the project, and most importantly the WHY aspect of it.

    A lot of times, my clients want me to draw half a face or make a portrait out of random selfies. Now, this obviously won’t look good. I tell them quite frankly that there is significant money and effort involved on both our parts and the artwork that you’re paying me for is meant to be lifelong. Therefore it’s advisable that you select a proper image, rather than settling with poorly shot pictures, where either the photo isn’t well lit, or blurred.

    A lot of clients ask me not to put my signature or even any trace of mine on the final parcel. I make it a point to charge extra to fulfill such demands.

    Moreover, I have my personal projects that allow me to experiment, and style my artwork the way I want it to.

    What’s your view on the much talked about ‘Artistic Temperament’?

    I feel that creative temperament is necessary for an artist. Clients need to give artists the freedom that they require. Artists need that space and scope for creativity. I have had some arguments over this with my clients. On many occasions, clients give very tight deadlines. They need to understand that the work we do takes time, and if rushed, we are compromising on quality.

    I, for one, like to take my time. I have also declined clients who wanted big orders within a couple of days. But when I do take up a project, I know that what I’ll give would be the best, and I have hardly had any clients who were dissatisfied with my work.


    Over the years you may have worked with other artists. How has the experience been for you?

    It has been an amazing experience. Everybody’s got their own beautiful journey, and perceptions. It has been fun sharing our experiences and to be able to be a part of someone else’s journey. One thing that I’ve realised after interacting with so many artists is that art is connected to freedom of expression. You need to be able to freely express your thoughts and feelings, if you want to progress as an artist.

    How’s the role of a mentor for an artist different from being an artist?

    I teach gesture drawing, realism, and I even share the common mistakes that artists usually commit early on. I speak about how your brain fools you while sketching. Once I start teaching I feel so energetic. A lot of students have approached me with questions after the workshop so I feel that maybe the workshop was good, and I think I am constantly evolving as a teacher.


    How have your students fared ?

    Well, I’ve seen amazing results. My students are quite talented and they’re doing really well. I just pat myself on the back when I see my students doing well. I’m a chilled out kind of a teacher. I try to be a friend, not a teacher. I’ve never felt the need of being too professional with them, and I’m always open to share my feelings

    I feel my students have got a lot of potential. Some of them are as confused as I was when I started off. I help them correct their course, wherever I can so that they don’t make the same mistakes I made while I was learning, and evolving.

    I’ve been teaching for almost 5 years now. I’ve taught older people as well. Their attitude of not giving up really inspires me. If someone at the age of 40-45 manages a family, a job and still makes time to pursue their interests and passion, that is something that truly inspires me. I get to learn a lot from my students.

    What’s your take on Digital art ?

    I don’t do a lot of digital art. Although I love handmade art, I plan to start doing digital art again. The main problem is that I’m not mindful while doing it. But, I know it is Important to know the basics of Digital Art. This year I plan to get a grip on my Digital Art skills. I have done a few digital caricatures recently but have kept them to myself, haven’t posted it anywhere, but let’s see how it goes.


    Every artist has some idea of a dream project that they intend to work upon, what is your idea of a dream project?

    I always wanted to make a big waterfall, maybe in my house.I don’t really know why I’m so fascinated with waterfalls. Maybe it’s the textures of a waterfall or the pounding of water which excites me. I want to make a big waterfall. This project will take the life out of me but yeah I’m excited. But as of now, I’m not really looking for a dream project, it’ll come with time. I’m more excited about small little things, at the moment.

    What are some other things that you plan to do moving ahead?

    I want to make people reconnect with art. Many of us do like to express ourselves through one art form or another, but not a lot of us pursue it. I wish to start with my mom who I feel is very creative. I want to give people hope. I want to be the booster in everybody’s lives. I do actually boost up people wherever I work. So spreading smiles, and joy through my art could be one of the things I’d want to continue doing.

    Everyone is not able to follow their passion, let alone make a career out of it. What’s your message to those who intend to take this leap of faith on their passion?

    I’d just like to say that you should be doing what you love, and that money isn’t everything. Once you realise who you are and what you’re meant to be just follow that dream. Independence comes from realizing one’s dreams. Find your purpose and work towards achieving it.

    I’m always happy and dissatisfied because I always want to improve myself. That’s why I say that your dream is gonna make you happy. There’s no point running after luxuries, life is a journey. Just enjoy it, while you’re at it.

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    Interview with Rohit Chari, Red Canvas Studios

    Interview with Rohit Chari, Red Canvas Studios

    Born and brought up in Goa, Rohit Chari is an illustrator, artist, and artpreneur who runs Red Canvas Studios, a venture he started in 2016. In this creative studio, ideas come to life in art on different canvases such as walls, frames, and memories. 

    Rohit started playing around with sketches early in his school days where he’d draw, doodle, and soon enrolled into a full-time fine arts course where he learned traditional art forms and techniques in a formal setup. Today Rohit caters to special art commissions where he draws beautiful caricatures, paints on walls, has his line of merchandise; in short, he’s found his passion and made a living out of it. 

    In this interviews, Parth interviewed Rohit, where they talk and explore the world of being an artist, an entrepreneur, and suggestions for the fellow community of artists and creators.

    Rohit Chari Skateboarding Caricature artist

    Story of your first customer? 

    Well, the first few projects were majorly for friends, and I did them for free. But the first paid project came to me as a surprise. I had made a digital caricature for a photographer friend, and I think after minutes of it posting, it went viral in our little friend circle. 

    Everyone wanted to know who made this caricature, and there I was flooded with requests, most of them free, but some of them translated into orders, and that’s how I kick started my Freelance career as a Digital Caricature artist

    Freelancing and the early challenges 

    Under pricing and not being able to strike that early balance where I get quality clients who pay decently were the initial challenges I faced. I think the first few paid projects, I was underpaid, but then I guess that’s all a learning process. 

    When I realized I was charging lesser, I decided to increase my prices, but then the clients stopped coming in. With time, I reached a sweet spot where the clients are comfortable, which allows me to be satisfied. I think the sweet spot of pricing your art “just right” can be determined only by talking to customers, and this process takes time. 

    How do you explain Digital Art to your customers?

    I was introduced to digital art years after graduating with a degree in Art, so I am very empathetic to my customers when I explain to them about Digital Art or Digital caricatures to help them understand and appreciate the process of creation. 

    Many people think making caricatures digitally is when the artist uses some apps or simply traces it, but that’s not how it works. Usually, when I encounter clients who do not know much about Digital Art, or the creation process, I educate them first about this art form because this helps set the expectations right and makes the process of creation and approval smoother. 

    I walk my customers through the process, share the work in progress pictures with them, answer their queries before starting work; I think this has many advantages, and the client’s chances of negotiating to go down significantly.


    Boy Caricature by Red Canvas Studio

    How do you price your digital caricatures? 

    I decide the cost of my caricatures based on the combination of the following factors, and a lot of times, if the order is to required urgently, there’s an added cost. 

      1. The number of characters – A lot of my customers think that the price of caricature quoted can include as many human figures, but that’s not how it works. Therefore one of the criteria for deciding the price is the number of people/characters drawn.


      2. The caricature style – Is it the Realistic Caricature or Flat(2D) Caricature? It takes me more time to work on the realistic caricature. Therefore this one is charged higher.


      3. Background – Clients often demand unique backgrounds, such as the Eiffel tower, or the Taj Mahal, or other requests, and to accommodate such requests, I charge extra.

        In India, it’s a little tough to find clients who will not negotiate and respect the price you quote, but it’s so much easier with foreign clients, and I can charge them higher too. 

    Drawing a celebrity caricature vs. Drawing for customers 

    With celebrities, I have the freedom to experiment, exaggerate, and let my creative juices flow, but I have to be very careful with client projects. People want to look cute but not funny. 

    I think there’s a nice balance, where I get paid for the commissioned work I do and the time I have left after such projects; I experiment, play around with colors, strokes, and let my ideas flow without being constricted by the client’s expectations. 

    (Rohit has created fan art versions of famous Netflix TV shows like – Money Heist, Scared Games, etc.)


    Wall Murals vs. Digital Caricatures 

    I like both forms of art – Making digital caricatures and murals, both of their unique charm, and I thoroughly enjoy working on both mediums. 

    Still, the outcome of completing a mural is much more gratifying than a caricature, primarily because of the heavy hard work required to create a mural. 

    First, we prepare a design based on the input given by the client and then get the digital design approved; post this, the digital design is transposed to the wall. This process from idea to execution takes 3-4 days, or more, depending on the size of the wall. But I love working on murals. I usually start early and work in sprints to finish it as per the agreed timelines. 

    When the project is big, I collaborate with other artists, and it’s fun working on such projects.

    Wall mural by RedCanvas Studio

    How do you feel when people compare your work with other artists? 

    I’ll be honest, early in my career, I’d get offended easily and react, saying, “if you like their work, go buy from them,” but now I try to explain to them the reason for the difference and explain to them my art process. 

    Other Hobbies? Skateboarding? 

    Well, I love to skateboard, and I represented my state in Skateboarding back in the days, and I think I found a lot of artists from the skateboarding community. Skateboards are usually hand-painted, uniquely communicating what the owner wishes to with colors and visuals. 


    I’ve got many gigs because of the community, and I think having a hobby is an excellent release to your creative juices, but in a different environment.


    ayushman khurana caricature

    Future Aspirations

    I aspire to work with more prominent brands where my skills are tested. I meet fellow creators, and I learn and grow while doing so. I have worked with some very famous brands in the past, and I look forward to working with more brands as I grow as an artist. 

    Advice to fellow artists in the community 

    Digital art is comparatively easy when you are tracing it, but I would strongly recommend against it. Try to draw it manually instead of tracing, and it’ll help you in the longer run. 

    If you want to draw caricatures, don’t immediately jump into drawing caricatures. Start by drawing portraits; it’ll help you understand the human face anatomy better. Once you’ve mastered that part, it’s easier to play around with human facial features to make fun caricatures. 

    Closing Notes

    Rohit concludes the interview by saying, “I would just say, support all the artists, because this is a small business we are into, but when the audience supports us, we can prosper. And I would request you to respect the artists, try to understand them, and value their efforts.”

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    Interview with portrait artist, Thakur Akhilesh Singh

    Interview with portrait artist, Thakur Akhilesh Singh

    Interview with Thakur Akhilesh Singh

    Thakur Akhilesh Singh is a young artist from Hyderabad who creates vivid pencil and charcoal sketches. From landscapes to portraits, he covers a wide range of subjects for his sketches. He believes that no one is born with an inert talent, but with passion and hardwork you can achieve anything you dream of.

    Let’s read more to find out what inspires Akhilesh to create these beautiful sketches.

    Art can be perceived differently by different people. How do you perceive art?
    Right from when I was young, I used to be praised for my artwork and told that I’m gifted with a  special talent. But, I refuse to believe that. My only gift is the passion that I have and I view my artistic abilities as a skill that I acquired over years.

    Art made me realise what I’m truly capable of. Art helps us discover ourselves better. I will carry art with me forever.

    Your sketches are so life-like, What inspires you to do these?
    I have been sketching since I was a 4 year old kid. As I grew older, my interest only frew deeper. 

    I had no clue about any drawing or sketching techniques when I started out. I used to learn by trial-and-error methods. However, I found my niche by experimenting with different media, this fuels my motivation and inspires me to get better. The key is to discover yourself, motivate yourself and then unleash your true potential.

    Can you run us through your thought process while creating art?

    I love exploring and working with different media. Depending on the kind of medium that I use, I decide the subject of my artwork. For instance, If I work with colour pencils or graphite pencils I usually draw hyperrealistic portraits and when I use charcoal, I usually try to sketch a subject with dark contrast. 

    How have criticisms helped you shape your career?

     I consider myself to be very lucky as everyone around me has been extremely supportive, be it my family or friends. My teachers have also encouraged me and guided me, but never criticised. 

    If my work is criticised in the future, I’m sure I’ll take it in good spirit and work on it.

    How has your perception changed after sketching for such a long time?

    Initially, sketching for me was just a way to kill my time. As a kid, when I had no studies and absolutely nothing to do, I would take a book and start sketching. But over the years, art has made me realize a lot of things in life.

    It has helped me become a better version of myself. Art has taught me to not give up no matter how big the failure is. Art is not just self-expression, but an experience and a never ending process of learning.

    How do you deal with creative blocks?

    I think every artist faces creative blocks, and it is very important to experience because it helps you to adapt to it and then find a solution to overcome this. I face creative blocks often mainly because of my hectic academic schedule due to which I can’t devote much time to art. 

    Being highly realistic and reminding yourself about your goals help me in overcoming creative blocks.

    If you had to name one person to draw up all the inspiration from, who would that be?

    Leonardo Da Vinci. He was not only the greatest artist of all time but also a great scientist. He was a reserved and withdrawn man, not concerned with glory, and yet absolutely sure of  his abilities. I’m highly passionate about science, art and music and a lot of other things just like Leonardo Da Vinci was. This is the reason why I draw my inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci.

    What advice would you give for the upcoming artists?

    Explore, explore, explore. Do not hesitate to move out of your comfort zone. Do not think of the result, rather focus more on the process and have faith in yourself and what you do. Never think less of yourself, because you can literally be or do anything you want in life. Keep failing, falling but just don’t give up. Everything in life is a matter of choice. Be Grateful.

    What are your thoughts on Stoned Santa?

    To be honest, this is the first time ever that I’m expressing myself and my artwork to a larger audience. I’m really thankful to stoned Santa for this beautiful initiative, of helping young and budding artists like me and providing them with a platform to express themselves and connect with other great artists and inspire other people. 

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