Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – An Insight into Personalized Caricatures

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – An Insight into Personalized Caricatures

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – An Insight into Personalized Caricatures

Corporate gifting is a great way to strengthen connections with employees, clients, and partners, and organisations have leveraged corporate gifting for a really long time. 

In this blog, we want to talk about Caricatures as a mode of gifting for corporates.

Corporate caricatures make for a great and unique gifting idea as they are appealing and appropriate for any corporate occasion. For instance, the office staff can adorn a caricature of a retiring employee with handwritten wishes and personal anecdotes. 

Our team of skilled caricature artists can help you add a personalized touch by converting your imaginative ideas into a memorable gift. Moreover, we provide digital renditions of corporate caricatures and the actual original art on demand.


Shark Tank India Collage of personalised cacicatures

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas – Personalized Caricatures

Our experience in personalized gifting has enabled us to create a list of unique corporate caricatures


Corporate Gift Idea 1 – Boss Lady Appreciation

The multiple roles that a woman can play in society are tremendous. And to acknowledge the efforts of their boss, who plays each role with so much dedication, a group of juniors wanted to create a unique gift on her birthday. Therefore with the “multi-tasking woman theme” as recommended by our gifting experts, coupled with the creativity of our caricature artist, we came up with the following masterpiece!


Boss Lady Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 2 – Raavan, The King of Multitasking 

In the corporate realm, having a team leader who leads by example is a treasure worth cherishing. But how do you appreciate the leader’s efforts who motivate your team to perform better? A unique corporate gift is an ideal way to acknowledge such a leader.

Based on this context, one of the teams of a leading global company came to our gifting experts. They wanted to gift their multi-tasking team leader a farewell gift! Our gifting experts recommended having the team leader depicted as Raavan – managing ten different tasks in a way that shows ten different people are individually working on it simultaneously! 

And this is what our caricature artist came up with –


Raavan The King of Multitasking Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Surprise Caricatures for your team?

Corporate Gift Idea 3 – Forbes Edition “Best Performer Award” 

Our clients wanted to gift their best performer on his work anniversary. The idea was to portray the employee on the Forbes cover page as a caricature with a few quips. Our caricature artist – Chetan, created this masterpiece.



Forbes Edition - Best Performer Corporate Gift - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 4 – Team Superheroes Assemble!

Running a business is no less than a team of superheroes coming together to channel their skill sets and experience. They keep accomplishing unique projects while keeping their customers happy. And what better way to appreciate the efforts of such a team than by giving a personalized caricature gift

We got to work on one such exciting concept, where we had to represent the employees as superheroes and depict them in their elements. And the following is the snippet of a Marvel caricature theme –

Team Superhero Corporate Marvel Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 5 – Football Fanatics Caricature

We had the opportunity to create a personalized gift for Tom, the (ex) VP of BCG London. He was moving to another consulting firm, therefore the BCG team decided to gift him something really special.

A group caricature with the entire BCG team dressed in football jerseys standing at the centre of a stadium.

PS – It was our first ever international order for caricature. 


Football Corporate Caricature
Corporate Gift Idea 6 –  Favorite Character Caricature

Affine Analytics wanted to gift their top-performing employees something unique and customized. They asked their employees the names of their favorite superheroes or fictional characters. The company approached us to make customized caricatures based on the characters and photographs of the employees who shared them.


Favourite Character Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Looking For a Personalized Corporate Caricature?

Corporate Gift Idea 7 –  Dream Team Caricature Ft Royal Sena

Yet another fantastic opportunity from BCG India Office, we had to create a unique gift for the team that worked with Schneider Electric.

The gift was to appreciate the team’s efforts, and the theme was to represent the team as Indian mythological heroes who were a part of the royal sena. 

We used different clothing styles and placed each team member in a particular role. And this is what we came up with


Dream Team Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 8 – Recreating PayPal Mafia Caricature 

Remember PayPal Mafia? A group of original PayPal employees who had difficulty adjusting to eBay’s corporate culture left the company, only to start their own companies and venture firms in subsequent years. The term gained popularity as it was used as a headline for an article in Fortune Magazine with a featured photo of former PayPal employees in gangster attire. 

Well, this was the theme for our next creation. BharatPe, a leading digital payment service company, wanted us to curate a similar image to that of PayPal Mafia. And this is what we came up with


Reference Picture

Manchester United String Art
Paypal Mafia Concept Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 9 – Retirement Caricature Gift 

One of our clients wanted to gift his retiring colleague, who worked as a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF), a unique caricature. Since the theme was fighter planes and the occasion of WSS retirement, we came up with the following creation 


Retirement Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Corporate Gift Idea 10 – Women’s Day Caricature

We had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for Women’s Day. A team wanted to gift their lady boss a personalized caricature on Women’s Day. The idea was to showcase their boss’s multiple roles in everyday life. From being a trained classical dancer to managing the house to being a fantastic cook, and a globe trotter, each of these roles was depicted as a caricature


Women's Day Corporate Gifts - Caricature

Get your Caricatures with Stoned Santa

Why Choose Stoned Santa for a Corporate Caricature Gift?

Stoned Santa has several years of successfully serving thousands of clients with unique customized gifts. And personalized caricatures are our hot-selling gifting line, and for all the right reasons – 

  • You can go wild with your imaginations with a pinch of sarcasm, and our artists can add their creativity to incorporate them into the caricature.
  • Caricatures make a unique gift for any corporate occasion, be it retirement, awards, etc.
  • Caricatures have a comic effect, which can tickle the funny bones while being a memorable souvenir.
  • Caricatures are available in digital prints and original art pieces.

Our gifting experts are here to guide you through the originality of the corporate gift, through the work in progress, until the timely delivery! Get in touch with Stoned Santa gifting experts today.


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12 String Art Ideas We Vouch For!

12 String Art Ideas We Vouch For!

12 String Art Ideas We Can Vouch For!

Imagine that 10 years from now, your loved ones still cherish the gift you gave them on their special occasion. Well, consider an art made solely for your loved one only using boards, colorful strings and hammers, a unique concept gifting in itself.  String art is one of the hidden gems, which is sure to share joy through something unique and personalized that you design. 

So be ready to take your personalized gifting experience to a new level! This article will take you through some ideas for one such unique personalized gifting option – string art!

A snippet of a Work in Progress of a Custom String Art Portrait by a Stoned Santa String Artist

String art in the making

What is String Art?

String art is an art form that is characterized by an arrangement of colored threads strung between pins which are hammered onto a surface to form geometrical patterns or representational designs.

Our experience of successfully serving thousands of clients, with the help of a talented team of string artists, has enabled us to compile many string art gift ideas for you! These are trending yet evergreen ideas to make the gifting experience more memorable for your loved ones. Let’s take a look

Personalized String Art

Nameplate String Art 

You would have seen those metal or wooden engraved nameplate sign boards outside homes and offices. But what if we tell you these can be creatively and artistically customized for you? Our nameplate string art has been a trending gift for all those housewarming occasions. When we say it has been trending, it is for all the right reasons – 

From stringing your names, and adding personalized doodle background elements, to choosing an ideal size of the board that fits your wall or space, we can tailor-make a nameplate you imagine!  All you have to do is tell us your idea and requirements, and we will create personalized name-plate string art ready to hang in your space.

One of our clients wanted to gift his newly married friend a name-plate string art. And voila, these happy faces say it all!

Custom Couple String Art
Nameplate String Art
Custom Nameplate String Art

Wedding-themed Caricatures String Art 

A wedding is a joyous occasion which calls for a celebration. And what better token of showering blessings and exchanging heartfelt messages than a personalized wedding couple string art? Digital caricatures have been in trend for a while, so why not add a fun twist and make it into string art! These make for a unique souvenir for the married couple. 

Take a look at some of the wedding-themed caricature string art by Stoned Santa

One of our clients wanted to gift his better half a personalized gift to capture the essence of their long-distance relationship. And with the creativity of our artist and inputs from our client, here is the final look of the masterpiece!

Couple String Art

Looking For the Perfect Wedding Keepsake?

Portrait String Art

Handmade portraits have a historical past. They have served as valuable state and family records and as a way to capture important life events of the kings and queens. However, handmade portraits only meant capturing the subject in oil paints or acrylics. 

However, with string art coming into play, the scope of creating handmade portraits has widened, and so has the choice of gifting. You can now get customized portrait string art from a Stoned Santa artist! However, do you know the process that goes behind making one?

Well, it involves hammering the reference photograph of the subject shared by you on the board size you chose. Further, high-quality woolen threads are intricately strung together to make the final piece. We can customize the background by adding doodles or quotes of your choice!

Handmade portraits top the list of personalized gifting for all the right reasons! So add a unique twist to the handmade portraits with our custom string art portrait. All you have to do is send us your reference photograph, and our artists will convert it into a beautiful custom string art piece for you!

Our client wanted to gift her parents a handmade portrait made out of strings, But she wanted to give it a vintage look. We chose stencil-based (black and white) portrait string art!

Couple String Art

Corporate Logo String Art 

Corporate gifting creates a strong connection with colleagues and bosses with a physical gift. And what better way to invoke a sense of appreciation and acknowledgment than by giving a personalized gift? So, if you want a unique yet, personalized corporate gift, this is it! Our corporate logo string art is the perfect office space addition.

At Stoned Santa, we have partnered with companies like Mercedes, Redbull, PayTm, and multiple chains of cafes and offices to create custom corporate string art logos for them! From the type of board to the size and the color theme, it can be customized to suit your wants!

Mercedes, Corporate String art
Corporate String Art

Music String Art  

When words fail, music speaks. And just like that, when words fall short, art comes to the rescue as a form of self-expression. So, what better gift to give to a music-lover than a custom piece of art, stringing together a melody of memories? So, a custom string art inspired by music will surely make a special place in the heart of your loved one!

When we say custom string art, you can go wild with the ideas, and our artists can breathe them into life! Our artists can do everything from personalizing musical notes to creating a musical instrument with strings!

One of our clients wanted to gift her friend, a huge band fan, “Coldplay” with customized string art. We strung the band’s name and added some of her favorite songs in the background.

Band String Art

Travel-Themed String Art 

A custom string art quote inspired by travel makes for the perfect gifting option for all the wanderlust souls. We have created a lot of string art pieces for travel enthusiasts. These range from travel quotes, and atlas map bits, to globe-trotter string art!

Snippets of travel-inspired string art by Stoned Santa

One of our clients wanted to gift her photographer friend, a travel enthusiast, a party animal with a customized gift. So, our string artist merged the defining elements into a beautiful string art as below

Concept Travel String Art
Travel String Art

Looking For the Perfect Gift?

Religious String Art 

An auspicious occasion calls for a unique gift that truly encapsulates positive energy and good vibes. And what better than Lord Ganesha strung together to make a perfect gift? Take a look at some of the string art gifts for auspicious occasions that we curated for our clients

Ganesha String Art

Personality-based String Art 

Know of some specific traits of your loved ones that you want to appreciate or maybe just acknowledge. Well, gifting them custom string art inspired by their personality will strike the right chord! It will leave them surprised and in awe of the tiny details you love about them!

Personality String Art

Football-themed String Art 

At Stoned Santa, we have a custom gift to suit everyone’s needs. So how can we miss out on curating a range of string art ideas for football fanatics?  From football club logos to stringing your favorite football player, there is an option for one and all. You can also add doodles of favorite slogans or quotes in the background to enhance the personalization.

Here is a string art of Manchester United football club with slogans, quotes, and important team dates, as background doodles!

Manchester United String Art
Concept Football String Art

Home Decor String Art 

Quirky pieces of home decor or wall hangings often catch the eye and leave a lasting impression on visitors. So why not gift a piece of art that adorns the wall of your loved ones’ home? 

Our home decor string art collection ranges from small pieces of two to three wooden boards to massive wall fittings that make for a perfect room backdrop!

Take a look at some ideas for the home decor string art gifts

Our clients wanted a giant backdrop in their bedroom, which was unique and quirky. And hence this string art of a short quote with some quirky elements to match the theme.

Wall decor String Art

Party String Art

Work hard, party harder! Have any friend or loved one who believes in this mantra? Well, you have found the perfect gifting option for them! Party-themed string art is so unique, quirky, and something that would surely tickle the funny bone and yet be a memorable souvenir to cherish lifelong!

A client wanted to gift her better half, who loves partying, with a punny quote! And here’s what we came up with

Weed Art In String

Looking For the Custom-Themed Gift?

Fan Art 

Have loved ones who are crazy fans of a movie or a series? Well, surprise them with a gift in the form of string art from their favorite show or movie

Friends String Art

Why buy Customized String Art From StonedSanta?

At Stoned Santa, we believe in creating masterpieces with a personalized touch to give gifting an emotional experience rather than just an exchange of materialistic possessions. This is because art is the focal point of everything we curate. Our gifting process is two-way, requiring ideas from our clients and creative inputs from our artists to breathe those ideas to life. 

Thus, our artists’ creativity and clients’ thoughts are beautifully encapsulated in each of our creations, making it more than just a gift. We bring your idea and imagination to life. So, if you order from Stoned Santa, be assured of –

  • Timely Delivery – Our standard delivery timeline is 8-10 days, and we make sure that our orders are dispatched in time to fulfill the commitment. We are also happy to honor shorter delivery timelines (available at an additional cost) subject to the availability of our artist


  • 100% Handmade – We have a team of experienced and talented artists who leverage their artistic skills to create wonderful handmade pieces of art for you.
  • End-to-End Assistance – Our gifting experts guide you through the buying process right from ideation to the final product!

Buying string art online has never been this easy, simply get in touch with Stoned Santa gifting expert here!



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11 Illustrators In India

11 Illustrators In India

11 Illustrators In India We Can Vouch For!

India has always been the home to exquisite arts and creativity, giving birth to several talented and renowned artists worldwide. Illustrations are one such art form that has garnered the attention of many young and aspiring artists in India, thus introducing a new wave of change in the Indian art industry. These artists are revolutionizing every aspect of life, from content creation to customized gifting. This article celebrates the art and achievements of 11 such illustrators in India while highlighting their daunting journey amidst the career stereotypes in India.

An illustration by Uday Mohite, an inspiring Illustrator in India

What is an Illustration?

Illustrators are incredibly skilled artists who specialize in creating depictions or visual representations from scratch. They might use various tools, including pens, pencils, colors, acrylics, etc. There are several types of illustration art, such as pencil art, lithography, charcoal and more. Oftentimes, the terms designers and illustrators are used interchangeably. However, designers rely on pre-built templates and offer limited creativity, while illustrators have no limitations.

Chaaya Prabhat: One Day at a Time

In the realm where color speaks louder than words, the prodigal Chennai-based artist returned to India from Hong Kong to depict everyday life through a new lens.

Some find their passion after exploring various fields, while some are born with the clarity and the talent to compensate for that vision. Chaaya Prabhat inspires several illustrators in India as exceptional artists and a professional who are challenging traditional career roles one day at a time. Having amassed a follower base of eighty-four thousand followers, Chaaya is creating waves as a renowned illustrator in India. 

Her works vary from quirky concept illustrations to book cover illustrations, leaving viewers with a new perspective of mundane everyday life events. Undoubtedly the most well-deserved Graphic Artist of the Year, 2023, in our opinion!


An illustration by Chaaya, an inspiring Illustrator in India
Chaya Prabhat, a promising illustrator in India

Ranganath Krishnamani: Vintage to Facebook

Where stories unfold through colors that weave a rather beautiful reality of life, viewers are sure to fall prey to the beautiful canvas of the multi-disciplinary art director from Tamil Nadu. 

As a headliner in the art community, Ranganath founded LiquidInk Design, which caters to several corporates but nurtures aspiring artists through inspiration in design and careers. 

Managing a follower base of sixty-two thousand followers through his company page Liquid Ink, the inspiring Bangalorean never fails to mesmerize his followers with captivating posts.  From vibrant narrations to unparalleled precision, and concept illustrations, there’s no doubt that Krihnamani’s works have attracted the attention of corporates like Facebook, Google, Adobe, Cure.fit, and more.


The master illustrator and trend-setter, Ranganath Krishnamani

Looking For Personalized Illustrations?

Satish Gangaiah: The Chatpatta Affair

The tricky art of creating captivating yet meaningful concept collage illustrations comes easily to this freelance designer, Satish Gagaiah

Boasting 15 years of design experience as an Illustrator in India, Satish Gangaiah has worked with several creative companies and ad agencies, highlighting an impressive and versatile work portfolio. Behance is one of the many platforms where one can find, get inspired, and even buy from this talented mind. 

Comic book illustrations might be one aspect of his service provisions, but viewers might be in for a treat should they ever let Satish’s imaginations run wild through concept collage illustrations. ‘The Chatpatta Affair’, an artwork displayed on his Instagram profile with five-thousand five hundred and forty, is an exquisite yet quirky illustration that paints the love for India’s favorite snack, the ‘Gol-gappa’, in a new light.


A collage by Satish Gangaiah, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Answesha Paul: Realism Redefined

The combination of thought-provoking imagination artwork, compensated with intricate details, highlights the nurturing and protective nature of womanhood subtly. Answesha Paul, a twenty-three-year-old illustrator in India, is striding forward to appreciate femininity through the lens of an experienced illustrator. 

The young illustrator in India loves showing her consideration for details with the playful use of watercolors, acrylics, and seasoned finesse in various artworks. Her designs range from everyday concept depictions of individuals, animals, and folklore, sprinkling life to their emotions in a surreal manner. If you want to get inspired, Answeha’s artistic prowess will surely fill your creative, hungry mind and help you look at the world differently.


An amazing illustration by Anwesha Paul, an inspiring Illustrator in India
Anwesha Paul, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Dejeshwini: Canvas, Colours, and Quote-play

Enchanting strokes, intricate sketches, and unending creativity is the perfect replacement for Youtube shorts and Instagram reels for your inner art-hungry philosopher. Depictions of the vibrant and fading Indian society with a token of color play can be found on Dee for drawing, which Dejaswini manages.  

Using her art as a medium to speak with 41.6K followers on Instagram, Dejaswini is crafting a new form of story-telling, through her work as an Illustrator in India. As one of the most talented illustrators in India, Desjawini also has a knack for writing, which allows her to play with imagination, canvases, colors, and quotes, thus leaving her viewers spellbound and wanting more.

An amazing concept illustration art by Dejaswini

Chaitanya Limaye: Chai, Crackers and Breathtaking art

Enter into the world of breathtaking artistry intricately coiled with exceptional digital artwork by Art of Chai, or the person behind the page, Chaitanya Limaye. 

Indeed a perfect name for an Instagram page, which viewers can enjoy with some chai, crackers, and mesmerizing depictions, helping viewers to lose themselves in a spiral of thoughts. Adding a creative sprinkle of mermaid illustrations to depictions of Dad as a superhero, Chaitanya uniquely expresses his empathic nature through his timeless illustrations. Rest assured; you’ll have some quality time on a breezy evening when you enter his art realm with a chai in hand with sixty-thousand other followers.


Chaitanya Limaye, an inspiring Illustrator in India
An sketch by Chaitanya Limaye, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Order from the Best Illustrators in India Today!

Bhavya Desai: The Illustration Puzzle

Collage in a frame might be standard, but converting the whole page into a gigantic collage is a feat only a few talented illustrators in India, like Bhavya Desai, have accomplished. 

Illustrators often enjoy the freedom to perfectly convert their imaginations into depictions without constraints. However, Bhavya Desai is one such illustrator in India who combined his imagination to create art and arrange it on his constraint-specific Instagram wall, resulting in a visual treat. Such feats mark the ability of Bhavya to leverage pre-built designs and imaginations to create outwardly designs worthy of appreciation. While making his mark in several illustration arts, Bhavya’s artwork often depicts a sense of free-flowing messy yet beautiful watercolors.


An illustration being created by Bhavvya Desai, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Uday Mohite: Master of students and portraits

The master artsman and teacher who can convey stories through realistic portraits in real and digital formats is famously the Indian_Illustrator by more than seventy-thousand art lovers on Instagram. 

The visual odyssey, intricately crafted by Uday Mohite, is a treat for art and non-art lovers, as portraits made by the master are sure to catch the attention of every wandering eye on the social media platform. Even so, realistic portraits are just one piece of the puzzle, as Uday Mohite is also famous for creating banner illustrations, thus offering some stiff competition to digital artists online. However, be it a competing digital artist or an aspiring student, Uday Mohite is always ready to spread this unique talent through his classes. Indeed, one of the most promising illustrator in India!


An illustration by Uday Mohite, an inspiring Illustrator in India
An couple illustration by Uday Mohite, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Diah Chakraborty: Transitioning pens to timelessness

The transition of an ink spot to a line to create a timeless piece from the unending library of imagination is already creating waves in the illustration community. 

Nicknamed the ink_isto_paper, Diah Chakraborty has the uncanny ability to use pen and paper to convert her imagination into an exquisite yet simple artwork. Even so, Diah’s pen art is just the tip of the iceberg, as the community of more than twenty-thousand often tends to relive the past through Diah’s illustration of the traditional Indian lifestyle with a comic artwork style. 

Even though Diah loves creating children’s book illustrations, there’s no doubt that the young illustrator in Kolkata can add a unique color to mundane everyday life events in a fun way.

Be madly in love with what you do and do it, irrespective whether you do it full-time or on the side. And lastly simply have fun and enjoy the process.

Diah Chakraborty - An inspiring Illustrator in India

Ashwini: Illustrations, Stickers, and Quotes

Art never fails to mesmerize, but few arts often tend to leave a smirk on your face due to their mischievous and quirky nature. Such is the case for more than four thousand five hundred followers, who love to receive their daily dose of inspiration with sprinkles of humor. 

Ashwini, or the Grummpy Doodler, often sticks to the basics with simple designs with deep meaning. Unlike several illustrators in India, Ahwini likes to get creative by using various objects such as strings, cards, and stickers. Her knack for creating designs with objects and adding words with a fine spray of mischief always offers her viewers with laughs and amazement and the same time.


A card illustration by Ashwini, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Conceptualize Illustrations on Various Gifting Objects!

Shraddha Piche: Where Simplicity Meets Affirmations

Simple illustrations coupled with positive messages can often light up one’s day in a rather creative way. One such page named, Just_add_doodles came to life with this enlightening vision and now has a follower base of more than seventy-five thousand.

Doctor and counseling psychologist turned illustrator Shraddha Piche wavered from her traditional career route to enlighten the minds of content consumers through her creativity and positiveness. With a beautiful message stating, “I hope you get everything your heart desires”, Shraddha’s page reveals a simple and cheerful design, further enhanced through her minimalist illustrations and quotes. 

Next time, when you’re feeling lost, you know where to wander around!

A concept by Shraddha Piche, an inspiring Illustrator in India

Why buy Customized Illustrations From StonedSanta?

Selecting the perfect gift is a rewarding and daunting affair at the same time. With several options inside and outside the digital realm, making a choice gets tougher. However, could you imagine one of these illustrators sitting with you on the opposite end of the call, brainstorming to create the perfect gift for your loved ones?

These illustrators can add their spin to create the perfect gift, but they come with a specialty that no one can ever provide. Whether your loved one is having an eventful day or is resting on a calm Sunday morning, they’re sure to enter a blissful spiral of thoughts every time they see your gift. Is there a price you can put up for that smile and happiness?

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Furthermore, with the express shipping options, the company has proven its efficacy in working under pressure to ensure your loved one is left with a beautiful smile that never fades for years to come. Fill in the form to join the community of more than 5000 happy customers who created their perfect gift with love from StonedSanta partnering with the best illustrators in India.



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