10 Caricature Artists in India 2024

10 Caricature Artists in India 2024

What are Caricatures?

A caricature is a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated to create a comic effect. Caricatures are growing popular, and have been extensively used for various gifting occasions – From Wedding Invitations to corporate gifts, to unique gifts for birthdays, caricatures are a great way to make someone feel special.

Caricature Artist

A caricature artist is basically someone who draws funny pictures of people, you know, like those exaggerated ones you see at fairs or events. They might make your friend’s nose look super big or give them crazy hair just to make everyone laugh. It’s all about capturing someone’s likeness in a playful and exaggerated way. So, if you ever want a goofy cartoon version of yourself, you’d go see a caricature artist!

10 Amazing Caricature Artists from India

We have curated a list of 10 talented caricature artists for you. At Stoned Santa we work with various caricature artists to create unique gifting experiences for our clients, and we’d love to help you.

1. Chetan Agarwal 

Chetan is a caricature artist from India who has been working with Stoned Santa for over 4 years and has worked on 1000s of caricatures. He specialises in converting art into fun drawings, and his work has reached clients like Boston Consulting Group, PayTm, Upekkha, and many reputed companies.

He is a yogi who loves yoga and loves to teach Yoga part-time. If you’re looking for something fun, and nice – Chetan is the artist we will engage for such projects.

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Chetan is a caricature artist from India

Chetan: Caricature Artist 

2. Shailly Gajjar – The Wedding Invitations Artist

An illustrator and comic creator, who initially desired to design her own wedding card , Shailly Gajjar is now a full-time caricature artist with a unique striking art style.

An IT engineer hailing from the small city of Bhuj, Kutch in Gujarat ran towards her passion in drawing and doodling, and this run got her a degree in graphic designing, a job and a fulfilled life in India after a growth in her career from freelancing in Dubai.

Her compassion and determination to follow her dreams is an inspiring tale for those who dream and illustrates how all the hard work, confusion and frustration do eventually become worth it. Currently, she’s focusing on wedding invitations and other illustration projects.


Shailly Gajjar: Caricature Artist 

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3. Hemanth Kag – The Young Freelance Cartoonist and Caricaturist

Hemanth Kag is a freelance cartoonist and caricature artist based in Rajasthan.

His job is to simplify and exaggerate visual forms. If we talk about his work then it’s not related to him in most of the drawings.

He’s more of a draftsman experimenting with colours, forms, and textures and mostly influenced by contemporary artists on Insta. He likes to experiment, but almost all the caricatures displayed on his profile are commissioned works made for customers. He tries to get the likeness of a person in simple form.

He tries to get better and contend with new portraits. His style of work makes it stand out every time!

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Hemanth Kag: Caricature Artist 

4. Anirudh Lele – Illustrator and Concept & Caricature Artist

Anirudh Lele is a freelance caricature artist and children’s book illustrator based in Ahmedabad. He makes caricatures in various styles and techniques suitable to client requirements.

Sometimes it’s just bold black line art or rough charcoal sketches. Other times it’s an intricate and realistic portrayal of the forms but in a slightly exaggerated manner. He avoids exaggerating the characteristics too much and tries to keep the base structures of the faces simple and cartoony.

He has an enticing Instagram page as well which will catch your sight at first glance!

Caricature Artists

Anirudh Lele: Caricature Artist 


5. Prasad Bhat – The Mastermind Behind Graphicurry

Prasad Bhat makes it to DISNEY on their 90th birthday!

The expert in vector art had his biggest project when Disney asked to draw Mickey in his unique minimal yet cute style to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday.

The art and food fanatic, Prasad Bhat, who invented Graphiccurry in 2013, premierly as a logo and designing company for corporates is now the mastermind behind over a hundred varieties of caricatures and merchandise of famous tv shows, movies, artists and varied entertainment stuff.

An engineer, based in Bangalore, is globally appreciated for his artwork being authentic, witty and cool, successfully attracting the infamous clients viz Amazon Prime, Disney and Marvel. Emerging from the rock bottom Graphicurry is now a window to digital art and tools for the aspirers of the new age art.

He’s a man of many talents and his recent video on YouTube crossed 2 Million views!


Prasad Bhat: Caricature Artist 

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6. Kapil Gaikwad – The Cinephile Caricaturist

A self-made illustrator, caricature artist, and cinema lover, Kapil Gaikwad hails from Mumbai.

Being a cinema lover, most of his caricatures are based on bollywood, hollywood, movies and his own created comic series. He likes to draw only those faces which fascinates him the most.

He also masters in illustrations, sketchbooks and live sketches etc. We can witness heavy use of outlines in his work. The amount of realism in terms of forms and rendering flows smoothly out of his work. He’s got a winsome Instagram art page where you can find a variety of cinema caricatures!


Kapil Gaikwad: Caricature Artist 

7. Sri Priyatham – Netflix’s official illustrator for “Stranger Things”

Awe-inspiring quirky caricatures’ artist Sri Priyatham, based in Hyderabad ,likes to play around with realism and exaggeration to create his own unique style of art.

A five year old boy who drew as a form of escape is a formally trained self taught artist. Caricature being a style of drawing a figure that is blown out of proportions but the man finds realistic textures fascinating and has got an eye for detail, which helps in bringing out the intricacies required for the detailing in his work.

The only Indian caricature artist working with Netflix on stranger things does believe that self acceptance is crucial before getting any caricature enchanted by screenwriting and filmmaking , advising budding artists to remain consistent and stay committed , in his various workshop presentations.

dig dug

Sri Priyatham: Caricature Artist 

8. Rohit Chari – The Artpreneur Who Runs Red Canvas Studios

Rohit Chari, an illustrator, artist, and artpreneur who was born and raised in Goa, founded Red Canvas Studios in 2016. Ideas are brought to life in art in this studio on various canvases, including walls, frames, and memories.

Rohit began experimenting with sketching throughout his early years in school. He would sketch and doodle, and soon he joined in a full-time fine arts study where he studied conventional art forms and methods in a structured environment.

Today, Rohit specialises in completing unique painting commissions. He paints on walls, does gorgeous caricatures, and has his own line of items. In other words, he has found his love and built a life from it.

Rohit Chari: Caricature Artist 

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9. Mangesh Khollam – The “Tribute Special” Caricaturist

Mangesh Khollam also known by his artist name Scooterbeard is a freelance caricature artist who hails from Pune. Scooterbeard , does live caricatures.

His work is more of traditional pencil on paper rather than digital illustration. We can find character designs , photo studies and a few comics on his Instagram page which goes by his artist name,’’ Scooterbeard”.

One of the best works on his page is the tribute caricatures which are portrayed very beautifully and the art work seems to turn into realism!


Mangesh Khollam: Caricature Artist 

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10. Ashutosh Wale – The Global Influence Veteran

Ashutosh Wale is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and caricature artist who hails from Maharashtra. His caricature works include not only portraits but also full-length representations of characters. Unhesitating to draw them as he sees them, he is a keen advocate of pencil-work in his displays.

Though seeming to stem from a considerable influence of politics, his work also includes global influencers from various other areas such as sport, film and the likes. He has got a very mesmeric and eye-catching art page on Instagram as well!


Ashutosh Wale: Caricature Artist 

11. Sudipan – The “pepe” Specialist

Sudipan is a freelance digital illustrator and visual designer who hails from Kolkata. Sudipan’s unique background in computer animation allows him to become an amazing digital illustrator and caricature artist.

His skills and dedication to his craft are flawless. His abilities allow him to draw a variety of different people and creatures which can fit into something like a comic drawing if you desire. His latest “Pepe” art designs on his Instagram page are to look up for!


Sudipan: Caricature Artist 

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You may discover a caricature artist at Stoned Santa who meets your needs and your budget, whether you’re considering obtaining a birthday caricature for a friend or family or a digital wedding caricature for your big day.

No matter where in the world you need your caricature to be delivered, Stoned Santa makes it incredibly simple to find a trustworthy and professional artist to draw one for you according to your specifications!