Invitation for wedding | Couple Caricature

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The wedding card is ,
Digitally Created – Our artist creates a digitally rendered invitation with caricature of your favorite picture.
Customized – The invitation can be personalized to create designs of your choice.
Expected Time Taken – 10-12 Days

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About us: 

Stoned Santa is an art based start-up that specializes in personalized gifts and has served over 5000 happy customers. Our forte lies in understanding your needs, and curating a special gift which will put a smile on your face. Our aim is to make art more accessible and make your buying experience memorable.

We help you make your wedding even more memorable with our customized wedding invitations.

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How is it made?
1.Our artist will analyze the picture you want us to draw a caricature from.
2.You tell us your customization requirements.
3.The artist creates a wedding card with the couple caricature just for you!

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