The Beatles Customized Shoes by Nidhi

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Get yourself customized shoes to stand out of the crowd designed by our creative team and painted by our talented artists at Stoned Santa.

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  • 100% Handmade.
  • Customisable – Shoes can be personalized to create designs of your choice
  • Highly Durable – This piece of art will last longer than our lifespan
  • Expected Delivery in 8-9 working days.
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Today everyone wants to have their own designer shoes and with us you get to be one. Your shoes are an extension of your personality and now with these customized shoes, you get a chance to flaunt your own unique style to the world. Stand out of the crowd with the shoes designed by our creative team and painted by our talented artists at Stoned Santa.

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How is it made? 

1. Since everybody perceives art differently, the design is made keeping in mind the needs of our customers.
2. Every design comes up with its own requirements which are taken care of.
3. The artist then tries to convert the imagination of customers into reality by making something which is desired by them.
4. As the designs are complete original art and customizable, the choice of colors is done according to our customer’s requirements.
5.Finally the shoes are painted and delivered at your doorsteps.


About the Artist: Nidhi