Pataka Kudi (Wedding Card) Caricature by Sidtoons

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No persona speaks of the joy and excitement of marriage than the Pataka Kudi. This is your chance to make a once in a lifetime unique choice with the Pataka Kudi (Wedding Card) Caricature. Your relatives will surely be curious and save this card for years to come as a timeless art piece.

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The Caricature is –

Digitally Created – Our artist creates a digitally rendered caricature of your favorite picture.
Customizable – All art pieces can be personalized to create designs of your choice.
Highly Durable – The kind of art piece that lasts forever.
Expected Delivery – 10-15 days

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About us: 

Stoned Santa is an IIM incubated start-up that personalizes handcrafted art pieces for its customers. We draw our idea through the urban legend of Santa Claus, who spreads happiness worldwide through his gifts. Our wish is to do the same. We have over 3000 customers and a team of skillful artists who still bring endangered art forms back to life!

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How is it made?

1. Our artist will analyze the picture from which you want us to draw a caricature.
2. You tell us your customization requirements.
3. The artist creates an adorable caricature just for you!

About the artist

Sidtoonsa Chandigarh-based artist is the mastermind behind the amazing concept wedding card of the Pataka Kudi. While fostering the love to create exceptional caricature designs, Sidtoons loves to breathe life into those art pieces. This has earned him recognition from customers inside and outside India.

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