Kyal Peacock Nameplate String Art by Anjani

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This Kyal Peacock Nameplate String Art has been handcrafted for a beautiful young lady who just bought her very own place. Get yourself a name plate string art done by Anjani right now!

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  • 100% Handmade using wood, steel nails, and colorful string
  • Customisable – String Art can be personalized to create designs of your choice
  • Highly Durable – This piece of art will last longer than our lifespan
  • Expected Delivery in 8-9 working days.



This Kyal Peacock Nameplate String Art, simply put, involves the use of string, thread, wood and colorful wool as an art form. The brilliance of the art shines through when a delicate balance is achieved between the simplicity of the design and the intricate elaborateness of the thread configurations that form the body of the art. Another delightful characteristic of the art is the smooth flowing texture that is achieved by the spools of thread against the rugged rustic feel of the wood on which it takes form.

How is it made?

1. The design to be made is first decided and finalized.
2. All the materials that go into the making of the string art are gathered. (like nails, thread, pattern, wood)
3. The pattern is placed on the wood and nails are gently hammered into the wood to form the outline of the design. All the nails are pierced to the same depth.
4. Colorful strings are used to outline the design. The string is then wrapped around the nail when changing direction, this provides strength to the strings when taut.
5. Fill in the remaining space with string by crisscrossing threads between the nails.

About the Artist: Anjani


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 38 × 26 cm

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