Couple String Art by Sonal


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Crafted by our talented artisans at Stoned Santa, this customizable string painting is made by hammering nails on a wooden board and weaving intricate golden-colored strings. A masterpiece that’s ‘knot’ just for anyone, but only for couples! Add names, event dates, and even custom emojis, to make it fancy and let your love ‘unravel’ with our customized couple string art!

From the design to the choice of strings, everything can be customized. With its captivating beauty and heartfelt craftsmanship, our bespoken couple string art makes an unforgettable gift – symbolizing love, connection, and creativity.

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What do you get?

100% Handmade Product – Experience the allure of our 100% handmade gift crafted from wood, steel nails, and vibrant strings
Customizable – Unleash your creativity with our customizable String Art
Highly Durable – This piece of art will last longer than our lifespan
Swift and Reliable – Experience speedy delivery to your doorstep in 7-8 working days

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About Us:

Stoned Santa is an art-based start-up that specializes in personalized gifts and has served over 5000 happy customers. Our forte lies in understanding your needs and curating a special gift that will put a smile on your face. Our aim is to make art more accessible and make your buying experience memorable.

At the Stoned Santa office, it’s always Christmas. The elves are constantly at work to make and deliver your gifts on time.

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How is it made?
1. Our gift experts will help you choose the kind of string art you want.
2. The artist collects all materials required for the string art piece.
3. The pattern/design is placed on the wooden canvas and the nails are gently hammered into the wood to form the outline of the design.
4. The design/pattern is outlined using nails and colorful strings are woven around it.
5. Our artist then adds his/her creative elements to it to finally get your art piece up and running!

About the artist
Meet Sonal Malhotra, the visionary string artist from Delhi, who has collaborated with Stoned Santa for over 6 extraordinary years. With an illustrious portfolio, she has crafted mesmerizing string art masterpieces for renowned clients including RedBull, Mercedes, PayTm, BCG, and many more. Discover Sonal Malhotra’s captivating artistic talent at Stoned Santa.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 0.5 cm

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