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This Personalized Name String art was handcrafted for a client who wanted to surprise her friend with a unique birthday gift. String art is made by hammering nails on a wooden board, and weaving strings to make designs of your choice. From the design to the choice of strings, everything can be customized.

You can get your names made out of strings, to jazz up your interiors.It can be hung on the wall or kept on a corner stand, either way it acts an excellent decor item, and a memorable gift.

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  • 100% Handmade using wood, steel nails, and colorful string
  • Customizable – String Art can be personalized to create designs of your choice
  • Highly Durable – This piece of art will last longer than our lifespan
  • Expected Delivery in 7-8 working days.
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String Art is a unique art-style which is made by hammering nails on a wooden board and weaving strings to make the designs of your choice. These designs can be names, quotes, portraits, logos or any illustration. These rustic pieces of art can be used to adorn the walls of your homes, corporate spaces, cafes, etc.

The text and the colour of the strings can be customized to suit your requirements. The brilliance of the art shines through when a delicate balance is achieved between the simplicity of the design and the intricate elaborateness of the thread that form the art.

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2. Let our gift experts get in touch with you.
3. Choose a genre of artwork you want.
4. And finally, we can suggest ideas and help you gift your loved ones!

How is it made?
1. Our gift experts will help you choose the kind of string art you want.
2. The artist collects all materials required for the string art piece.
3. The pattern/design is placed on the wooden canvas and the nails are gently hammered into the wood to form the outline of the design.
4. The design/pattern is outlined using nails and colorful strings are woven around it.
5. Our artist then adds his/her creative elements to it to finally get your art piece up and running!


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 0.5 cm

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