Caricature Gift Ideas

Caricatures are fun, and great gifts that can be quirky, and at the same time make someone feel really special. We have put together some ideas that will impress you, and the person you’re looking to gift a nice caricature.

and the best part?

This isn’t just a blog with a list of ideas. At Stoned Santa, we help you realise your ideas, and bring them to life through personalised caricatures that are made as per your requirements and are sure to narrate a story, make the gift recipient feel special, and give them a memory that they’ll remember forever.

1. Caricature Gift Ideas for Couples (Him / Her)

Couples love caricatures, and here are some interesting ideas, and concepts we have worked on for some of our couple clients.

Caricature Gift Ideas for Her – What about creating multiple variations of the same girl? Here’s what we made for one of our clients – She’s dressed in a saree, as a dancer, as a beautician, as a homemaker who takes care of everything at home, and then someone who loves to travel.

caricature gift ideas for her

Caricature gift ideas for Him – Men often don’t express a lot, but are highly emotional beings, and a thoughtful caricature can make them smile, and make their day. Here’s something we made for one of our clients who loves Iron Man.

Iron man themed caricature - gifts for friends

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2. Caricature Gift Ideas for Boss

Gifting something to your boss can be tricky, but with caricatures – You have the scope to create something nice, and fun for your boss. We’ve created multiple projects for bosses in the past, and we believe we can craft a unique caricature as per your boss’s personality.

Attached is a caricature we made for a client who wanted to gift his boss something that showcased his boss’s desire to be featured in the Forbes list, and voila here’s what we made. A smart-looking man dressed in nice sunglasses in an iconic pose that fits perfectly on the cover of Forbes.

Forbes Edition - Best Performer Corporate Gift - Caricature

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3. Caricature Gift Ideas for Baby

Baby caricatures are one of our favourites. Here’s a concept we made for a couple who wanted something nice to welcome their baby. A wizard, and a witch brewing together a magical soup from which the baby emerges. They wanted us to include their pet dog in the artwork as well, and here’s what we made for them.

witch wizard baby dog caricature

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4. Caricature Gift Ideas for Birthday

In a world where people are tired of receiving the same boring gifts, caricatures can add life to birthday gifts. Here’s what we made for a girl’s 19th birthday – Dressed in a birthday cap, with some balloons, cake, and elements of what she loves – Flour, Milk, dance, and gifts.

Birthday caricature gift ideas

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5. Caricature Gift Ideas for Co-Worker

We made this for “The Varun Aggarwal” – An entrepreneur, an author, a filmmaker, and more. A colleague wanted to gift him something that incorporated his personality and wanted to make it quirky, and nice. So we took an image of his, converted it into a caricature, and then added doodles of elements that defined him – A book that he authored – “How I Braved Anu Aunty”, which is now a movie, Koramangala traffic, Alma Mater – The company he started, and other simple doodles.

Personalised Caricature - Stoned Santa - Gifts for him - Caricature artist india

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6. Caricature Gift Ideas for (Mom / Dad)

One of our clients wanted us to make caricatures for their mom and dad. The client’s dad was transformed into Shivji, and his mom into Parvati ji. The client had a very specific image in mind, and using that reference photo, here’s what we made.

Needless to say, the client and his parents loved the artwork. In this picture, you can see the process of creation. So if you’re looking for something unique, Stoned Santa is the company that can help you.

Making of Digital Wedding caricatures (1)

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7. Caricature Gift Ideas for Retirement

Someone very senior in the Air Force was retiring, and we had the opportunity to make something for the Indian Air Force. The man who was about to retire can be seen flying a fighter jet plane, and the rest of his team members have been portrayed as flying down with a parachute.

For privacy reasons, we have removed the text that was written on the flag attached to the plane.

Retirement Corporate Gifts - Caricature

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8. Caricature Gift Ideas for Weddings

Weddings are a one-time affair, and our client wanted us to create a movie-themed caricature of their favourite movies – Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, and Band Baja Baarat, and this is what we made for them. Bollywood-themed caricatures.

If you have a favourite movie, we can convert your photos into a movie-themed caricature. In fact, anything that comes to your mind, we can bring it to life with caricatures. We specialise in creating personalised wedding invitations, and if you’re looking for a caricature wedding invite, we’d love to help you.

Bollywood Wedding Caricatures

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9. Caricature Gift Ideas for Wife & Husband

A husband, and wife on a cycle – Wonderful isn’t it? Our clients wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary and gave us the idea of presenting them on a cycle with a garland around their neck, and this is what we made for them.

Wife and husband caricatures

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10. Caricature Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends are forever, and we made this F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed caricature for a group of 4 friends who are big-time fans of the famous TV Series and wanted to get something made for their graduation ceremony, thought why not create a themed caricature for them?

Here’s what we made for them, what do you think?

Caricatures by stoned santa

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11. Superhero Caricatures

Who doesn’t love superheroes? But what if you could convert your favourite photos into fun superhero-themed caricatures? Wouldn’t it be fun, and nice?

Here’s what we made for one of our corporate clients. They wanted to get something for their team, and the idea was to convert each of their members into their favourite superheroes and present it as a gift on the successful completion of one of the projects.

Team Superhero Corporate Marvel Caricature

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