Handmade Sketch using Words


People identify themselves with literature. It’s an everlasting comfort that makes people feel like home with the books they read or with the poems they write. This genre of art is pretty complex in terms of technicality but imagine a portrait of a friend who is heavily into literature having verses of Mark Twain or TS Elliot around their portrait? Or expressing your love through words around the portrait of your loved one?

The sketch is: 

Handmade – All art pieces are 100% using canvas, and charcoal pencils.
Customizable – All art pieces can be personalized to create designs of your choice.
Highly Durable – The kind of art piece that lasts forever.
Expected Delivery – 8-9 working days.

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About us: 

Stoned Santa is an IIM incubated start-up that personalizes in handcrafted art pieces for its customers. We draw our idea through the urban legend of Santa Claus who spreads happiness across the world through his gifts. Our wish is to do the same. We have over 3000 customers and a team of very skillful artists who still bring endangered forms of art back to life!

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About the artist: Koushik

Koushik can’t remember a time when he wasn’t into creating beautiful pieces of art. He started his artistic journey when he was just 10 years old and he has crafted 1000s of sketches ever since and finally found his calling in the Scribble art genre. This particular genre of art requires the artist to create sketches that have exact precision in terms of symmetry and Koushik makes it seem like a piece of cake!

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A4, A3, A2

Number of Faces

1, 2, 3

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