Words Mandala Wine Glasses by Divya – Set of 5

5,000.00 4,500.00

These hand-painted wine glasses will look absolutely beautiful on your display shelves. They can also be used to drink your favorite drinks with your loved one on special occasions! Show them off to your guests by buying them now, or to gift these to your friends and family.

These Words Mandala wine glasses are: 

Hand-Designed – All wine glasses are painted by hand.
Customizable – Wine glasses can be personalized to design concepts of your choice.
Washable – These wine glasses are cured to ensure the art is sealed and lasts long. Make sure to hand wash them cold after use.
Expected Delivery – 7- 10 days

Book in advance for an early delivery!

We accept Personalization requests, please fill the form here and we will get in touch with you.


About us: 

Stoned Santa is an IIM incubated start-up that personalizes in handcrafted art pieces for its customers. We draw our idea through the urban legend of Santa Claus who spreads happiness across the world through his gifts. Our wish is to do the same. We have over 3000 customers and a team of very skillful artists who still bring endangered forms of art back to life!

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3. Choose a genre of artwork you want.
4. And finally, we can suggest ideas and help you gift your loved ones!

How is it made?

1. Conceptualization of the basic design.
2. Our artist, Divya, then sketches the basic outlines to ensure symmetry first.
3. The intricate patterns are drawn inside the outlines.
4. Divya adds her creative touch to finish the product.
5. The glasses are then cured in an oven to ensure the art is sealed and lasts long.

About the artist – Divya Murali

Divya was a hobby artist, who fell in love with Zentangles as soon as she tried her hands at it, as the patterns demanded all her focus, and made her forget about the rest of the world for a while. She became a full time artist soon after, and started exploring the world of zentangles and mandala.


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